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Or are you struggling with pain, resentment & anger with no idea of how to heal yourself or your relationships from all this hurt & sadness? Then, congratulations, you are in the right place!

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I have created a safe sanctuary of support, comfort, teaching and growth for you to learn how to heal & resolve that anger, hurt, sadness & resentment from your relationships to enjoying a life of love & peace.


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Having been in the depths of despair myself with relationships and climbed my way out of the darkness to live a life of peace and joy, it would be an honour and a privilege to work by your side.

Toxic Mother Daughter Relationship

Having totally healed a lifelong destructive relationship with my mother and my own daughter, without a conversation with them, I know how it feels to suffer continual resentment and anger; I will show you the way to freedom.

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I invite you to join my closed Facebook Group ‘Let’s Talk Relationships & Life’ – this is a safe sanctuary for you to open up comfortably to like-minded women; we are a totally non-judgemental, supportive, caring group.

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