Transforming Relationships Lives One by One

I am a Family Relationship Coach – empowering you to heal painful, relationships to ones of love & joy. Enjoying loving relationships are fundamental to living a happy, healthy life – we want to love and to be loved in every area of our lives; from our love lives, family lives, to work and business. I know how it feels not to be loved and not to be able to love.

Asking for Help

Having experienced huge financial setbacks with our outgoings were greater than our income, a lifelong destructive, deteriorating relationship with my mother, a series of health issues, a drastic career change, an empty nest and a move abroad I knew I had to do something but I had no idea what I could do. I did the bravest thing I have ever done in my life, I asked for help.


Helping You

I now offer one-on-one coaching programs, both face to face and over Skype, including a special Mother-Daughter Program, specifically designed for you to heal the relationship without a single conversation with your Mother. I also have online courses – ‘Healing Your Relationships’ with a full membership site, helping you to be that person you really want to be and heal the past. These skills help every woman to understand who they are, where they are going in life and what they really want in life. It’s what I call an inside job!

Who Am I?

I am from the UK and have been living in Dubai for the past 14 years; happily married to Ian for 27 years with 3 children all in their mid-twenties ~ all now on their own amazing journeys. I have been given the most incredible challenge of taking my coaching business back to the UK to support Ian and I whilst we build our home, back in  England near my parents.

How My Journey Began

Accepting help and the fact I couldn’t do the journey alone was the hardest and the greatest day of my life but looking back it was the start of an internal evolution for me. Within a few months I managed to completely heal the relationship with my mother and daughter totally alone, from complete destruction to one where the love keeps growing. Finding my life’s purpose with total peace and fulfilment has made the pain and the hurt all so incredibly worthwhile.

Further Skills

I am continually developing my learning skills as I drive forwards on my own journey and am a qualified NLP Master Practitioner & Licensed Coach, an Advanced Theta Healer and studying to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Psychotherapy and Counselling skills. . Women are able to develop their language skills in a way that helps them to move forwards, access the subconscious mind to face limiting beliefs whilst taking a step forward every day to be that women they only ever dreamt of.


Why Am I Dedicating My Life to Healing Relationships?

Having suffered a lifelong destructive relationship with my mother which had a huge impact on my eldest daughter & turned this around totally alone to one of love and joy. I understand how it is to feel such hurt & sadness and know the way out of this pain. It is this personal transformation along with my professional qualifications that drive me in my work.


True Transformation

To me, permanent change is the only way ahead as life becomes simpler, easier, happier and above all enriched with peace and deep fulfillment. With such an amazing turn around in my own life both financially and personally I have left trading the financial futures markets to dedicate my life to healing relationships. I am a results driven coach and am fearless in what I do ensuring your true transformation – what more do you want?

My Message To You

I would like to impress upon you that the process is so much easier and less daunting than I could ever have imagined and the change is permanent. My journey has been an incredulous one from struggling in the depths of gloom to complete love and fulfilment. Life doesn’t stand still and nothing stays the same. With this in mind if you DO NOTHING where will you be this time next year? This is why I do what I do.

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