We all want to be emotionally loved

If we can’t make that emotional connection with others, whether that be with our partners, parents, children, siblings or friends we must look inside of ourselves at healing our own wounds. Enjoying loving relationships are fundamental to living a happy, healthy life. I am driven to help you as I know how it feels not to be loved and not to be able to love.

Asking for Help

For the first time in my life, I realised I could no longer keep trying to work it out. I had a very destructive relationship with my mother, a similar one with my eldest daughter with growing health and financial issues I sank further and further into a black hole. It was when I was in this deepest despair that I did the bravest thing I have ever done in my life; I asked for help.

Helping You

I can help you move forwards in 2 ways. Firstly, I have created an online program – ‘Healing Your Relationships’, which includes full back up, membership site, worksheets, hypnosis recordings and personal contact with me. Alternatively, I offer ‘one-on-one coaching’ over Skype or Zoom with 4, 8 or 12 session packages; each program includes coaching, counseling & hypnotherapy tailored for your specific needs.

Who Am I?

I am from the north of England, have been living in Dubai for the past 15 years; been happily married to Ian for 28 years, blessed with 3 children all in their mid-twenties & now devoting my time to my passion – helping you to make the loving connections you so crave. I love running, cycling, tennis, swimming, walking my dog Bella, good coffee, healthy food, and travel.

How My Journey Began

Asking for help and facing the fact I couldn’t do the journey alone anymore was both the hardest and the greatest day of my life but looking back it was the start of an internal evolution for me. For the first time in my life I wasn’t alone, someone cared and understood; I knew there was no going back however hard or painful this journey was, I would keep going.

Professional Qulaifications

I am continually developing my learning skills as I drive forwards on my own journey. To date, I am a qualified coach, NLP Master practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist with Counselling skills, Advanced Theta Healer and have just started to study Psychotherapy. I believe that with my personal drive from my own transformation combined with my numerous qualifications I can serve you at the very best level.


My Mission in Life

Having suffered a lifelong destructive relationship with my mother which had a huge impact on my eldest daughter I turned this around totally alone to one of love and joy. I understand huge pain & sadness and am totally driven to help others heal their inner wounds, love themselves & enjoy loving, emotional connections with others – something we all deserve in life.


Real Transformation

Real transformation happens at a cellular level, where you stop trying and you just are. Healing my own inner wounds, I was able to see life differently, able to love & accept myself, able to make clear decisions, able to form boundaries, able to love and accept my mother & daughter for who they were. I am on a mission to show you the way as you develop that self-belief.

My Message To You

I would like to impress upon you that the process is so much easier and less daunting than I could ever have imagined and the change is permanent. My journey has been an incredulous one from struggling in the depths of gloom to complete love and fulfillment. Life doesn’t stand still and nothing stays the same. With this in mind if you DO NOTHING where will you be this time next year? Ask yourself this question right now. You will never feel alone again.

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