Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT (or ‘Tapping’ as it is commonly known) is a technique used throughout the world today to support people in a variety of anxiety issues anywhere from business to sport. It involves a process whereby the subconscious thoughts and emotions are brought to the surface using acupuncture pressure points to clear emotional blocks and trauma. Anxiety is reduced and balance is restored to the body and mind.

Tapping uses the same meridians as traditional acupuncture but without needles, only using your fingertips. By tapping your fingers on specific places on your head and chest, kinetic energy is released when we think of a particular problem. We can then ‘tap’ positive affirmations into our subconscious mind.


Tapping is a very simple, effective way of releasing emotional blockages allowing you to move forwards to being the real you.

There is no right or wrong way to do tapping, it’s what works for you. Once you understand the technique and how it works tapping can be part of your life and done anywhere discreetly.

If desired I can take you through some techniques that you will be able to learn and do for yourself.

Tapping can help to release self-limiting beliefs, reduce anxiety, physical pain, sadness and anger.  Tapping also helps you find forgiveness, improve relationships and promote success.

Have a look at this video with Brad Yates for a great start on your EFT journey.

Tapping with videos to help you move through limiting beliefs and enjoy an ever-greater abundance of health, wealth and happiness, which you deserve. Create the life of your dreams!

Since at least 80-90% of our behaviour is non-conscious – and 80-90% of the choices we make are made emotionally, emotional freedom is the freedom to make better choices.

The freedom to make better choices is the freedom to succeed. And that’s why we tap.

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