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“The depth and breadth of the changes you’ll see after only a short time working with Louise make it a worthwhile investment. What you are really investing in is you and your future..” Julia G

I can help you

You have decided you are not where you want to be in life & perhaps you are struggling with pain, resentment, anger & low self-worth? You are in the right place and I know how you feel having suffered for years myself.

I will help you find the light again; help you to discover that best version of yourself so you really can feel happy and fulfilled. With my skills as a coach – taking your forwards in life, counseling – unraveling what is holding you back and hypnotherapy to dig straight in directly where all your answers lie I will tailor make an individual program for you.

My expertise lies in being able to ‘step into your shoes’ so I see the world through your eyes, understanding how you feel, why you feel the way you do allowing you to make the right decisions for you in life. Your life will become clear with a new perspective, you will be focused, have total direction for your way forward as you leave behind those struggles to welcome your dreams.

  • I will challenge and stretch you
  • I will ensure that you achieve miracles and magic
  • I will be by your side as you face those challenges
  • I will be there for you when you fall
  • I will celebrate every win together along the way
  • I will deliver what you most need in order to help you get what you most want.
  • I will provide for you a safe, caring, totally non-judgmental environment for you to open up
  • I will be the one go-to person in your life

That is MY commitment to you.

YOUR commitment to you is to do the work that we create together, to be honest with me about what’s frightening you, causing you stress or overwhelming you and helping me to help you rather than becoming an obstacle to your own success. I believe I have developed the best ‘Winning Combination’, tailoring coaching, counseling & hypnotherapy to your unique needs, creating a program specifically for your situation.


The best tool to take you forward in life – focusing on creating solutions.


To heal past and old wounds – allowing you to discover where your answers lie.


A relaxed state of mind, to directly access the subconscious mind to make the changes helping us to achieve physical & emotional balance.

How I will work with you


Face to face in Dubai or online via Skype or Phone.

Sessions are anywhere from 60 minutes to 120 minutes.

Sessions can be booked weekly or fortnightly.

Unlimited access to phone messaging, email or Skype in-between sessions.

Perfect choice if you have multiple areas you struggle with.

Total daily accountability.

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Pure Hypnosis


Using hypnosis for therapeutic purposes, known as hypnotherapy, can help people in so many ways. Hypnotherapy can help people change unwanted habits and behaviours, overcome fears and phobias, conquer stress and anxiety, and so much more…

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