Healing Your Relationships with the KTLVision Experience – ‘Knowing – Trusting – Loving Yourself’ so you can love and be loved.

Healing Your Relationships is 3-month online course ensuring that you Know, Trust & learn to Love who you are so you can then form loving relationships with others. The course takes you through a step-by-step process whereby you will be able to create and keep a positive mindset, identify and eliminate limiting beliefs, focus on your goals, discover your values and passions whilst reaching your full potential of being able to love yourself and others.

The KTLVision Experience is a process, which takes you to a place where you can truly understand who you really are and discover your true purpose in life, so you can feel at peace with total fulfillment. Before you can truly love yourself and others you need to understand who you are and be able to trust that person.

To ensure you move forwards in life I have created a step-by-step process in a specific way so you that everything you learn here will become part of you – this is true transformation. I include the exact personal path I took and have integrated my professional expertise with this so you have a truly passionate & professional way of learning. I have implemented a full backup system of downloadable PDF documents, worksheets, and a private group where you will be fully supported and able to ‘meet’ fellow students.

K = Knowing who you are – knowing where you want to go in life, knowing what you want in life

T = Trusting who you are – so you are not influenced by others and are able to move forwards towards, having inner confidence

L = Loving yourself – because you now know who you are and trust yourself explicitly. Now you are able to love others and love life as you love yourself.

You will begin by building a positive mindset, seeing the world through new eyes. You will start to become aware of negativity and to think like successful people do.

Feeling confident & more positive you will be able to eradicate those limiting beliefs, let go of the fear & guilt, give old situations new meanings & move forwards feeling love & peace from the inside out.

You will learn to live life with clarity, be able to focus on your goal and identify an inspiring intention. You will now begin to take responsibility for your life & stop blaming others.

You will now be able to discover your true values, identify those passions and learn how to deal effectively with challenges both externally and internally, whilst moving towards loving yourself and others.

You will start to take action & inspired action towards your goals, learn how to attract the life you want to lead and begin to identify those deeply ingrained fears that have been holding you back.

Here you will celebrate achieving your goals & your new way of life. You totally understand who you are, know who you are, trust & love yourself, forming loving relationships with others.

There are 6 Modules divided into classes:-


Module 1. – Creating a Positive Mind-set


Module 4. – Leaving Behind Your Barriers


Module 2. – Your Dream


Module 5. – Finding Out Who You Really Are


Module 3. – Attracting Your Ideal Life


Module 6. – Celebrating Your New Way of Life

What People are Saying about Louise

Having reached a plateau in my career, a friend suggested that I should speak with Louise Armstrong with a view to explore her Wellness Living programme. I admit to feeling rather skeptical at first as I have always been very confident in my own ability and put my setbacks down to local market dynamics. Following my initial session with Louise it became clear to me that, despite my qualifications and extensive professional experience, there were perhaps some less than positive energies in my life that could be holding me back. Louise has shown me how these negative factors can be identified and dealt with while at the same time working on my strengths. Even after just that one session I feel a renewed feeling of self-confidence. What separates Louise from so many others in her field is her wonderful blend of openness, honesty and compassion. She is a woman who is driven by a genuine sense of care and a strong desire to help others. I guess we all find challenges in our lives that tend to hold us back. Shy people, in particular, are often reluctant to seek a guiding light to help steer back on to a new course. Louise has provided me with that guiding light and I am enormously grateful for her help.


Louise has been a great and fabulous inspiration. She has guided me positively in my quest to find out who I really am. After just four sessions, I can already feel myself to be happier, healthier and the most importantly, confident with who I am. I can honestly say, that I now like myself and I can’t wait to grow further under her guidance.   This has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life and I cannot thank Louise enough for showing me the way and being there for me.

Jackie B.

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