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I am a personal life coach and have made it my mission to improve your well-being and quality of life, offering coaching sessions to support you through this mid-life transformational process. Having experienced huge financial setbacks, traumatic family relationships, a series of health issues, a drastic career change, empty nest syndrome and moving abroad I have emerged a much stronger, happier woman and have made it my life’s purpose to help anyone who knows there is more out there but doesn’t know what there is.

I have arrived where I am today with the help of the Ultimate Success Masterclass from MindMovies, developed by Natalie Ledwell. Having been personally coached and trained by Natalie, I have gained an amazing insight and in-depth knowledge on how to help you take your life to the next level. I am also a qualified Theta Healer, an alternative modality, which really compliments my knowledge and understanding of how to help you get the most out of life, enabling you to enjoy well deserved freedom.

I also offer an introduction to Meditation, which has had a profound effect on improving my intuition, enabling me to find the answers I am looking for. Meditation has become a very important part of my life and daily routine, I enjoy a mixture of guided and quiet meditations. It can be very powerful and opens up a harmonious mind/body connection. These days I find I am much calmer, more relaxed and able to focus better, understand who I am and where I am going ~ taking just a few minutes of my day. Meditation is about grounding the body and you will find once the body quietens, the mind quietens, allowing clarity into your life. I can help you through a series of meditations, finding one that is right for you, there is no wrong way of meditating and everyone can do it.

Another modality I use is EFT, which may benefit you on your journey. EFT (commonly known as ‘Tapping’) is a technique used throughout the world today to support people in a variety of anxiety issues anywhere from business to sport. It involves a process whereby the subconscious thoughts and emotions are brought to the surface using acupuncture pressure points to clear emotional blocks and trauma. Anxiety is reduced and balance is restored to the body and mind.

Below is an outline of the Course we offer:

~ Being Grateful and having a Positive Mindset

~ Setting a Clear Intention

~ Creating Powerful Affirmations

~ Achieving the Law of Attraction

~ Taking Inspired Action

~ Eliminating Self-Limiting Beliefs

~ Defining Your Core Values

~ Finding Your Passions

~ Breaking through Challenges

~ Using Your Thoughts and language for Success

~ Staying Connected to Source

~ Putting it Altogether and Moving On

You will find out what is holding you back in life, what your self-limiting beliefs are, how to free yourself from the past and how you can move forward with complete clarity, enjoying self-confidence and happiness.

So, if you feel lost, have no sense of direction, have no idea what your passions are or even if you have lost sight of who you really are, I invite you to join me as I help you find your way, uncover those buried passions and to rediscover happiness, purpose and joy in your career, relationships and health, exciting you about the second and BETTER half of your life.

I offer coaching over skype, in person at my office or over the phone and invite you to contact me so we can start working together, the decision is clear and simple so act now!


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