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I wanted to say how much I appreciated the short time I had with you and the support you provided after I left Dubai. It was today when I was dealing with a typically negative text from my son that I realised how different my thinking was. I would usually get upset and respond in an equally negative manner. I no longer do this. I also have a friend who has so many negative things going on in her life and simply refuses to see any good. I would have been dragged into that before. I would have agreed with her about how awful everything was. Now I am sympathetic but occasionally point out the good things in her life in a gentle and subtle way. I am more aware of the positives in situations and of my own negative thoughts and reactions. Am I a totally mentally and emotionally healthy individual? No. Had I had a longer time with you Louise I would definitely be that person. The limited time I had with you has given me skills that have allowed me to cope far better with situations that I used to feel overwhelmed by. Thank you, Louise, for the support you provided in Dubai and your continued support whilst I am at the other end of the world.

Yours in gratitude always Jackie




I started seeing Louise few months ago. At which point, I was quite unhappy with my life in general. I probably started my discussion saying “I am not happy and I don’t know why”☺.

I continued to see her once a week for few months, during which time, she got me to talk about my past and present and helped me to better understand each situation and all the people involved.

Looking back, I realize that I was depending on others to bring happiness, when now I realize happiness is something I could find within myself. Having said that, I also realize I cannot always be happy considering other factors/people that influencing my day-to-day life but she helped me to understand the dynamics and choices I can make.

I learned, I was not alone. Everyone has their share of disappointment and pain in their own journey.

I learned, to be happy, I had to let go of my baggage and heal myself by accepting everything that had caused me disappointment & pain.

I learned, I cannot take responsibility for others, even-though they may be close family. Everyone has a choice and we can only guide or be there for them.

I learned, that l need to be patient and stay focused on things that need to be done given the circumstances, even if they didn’t make me happy at the given time.

I learned, best not to worry about future or anything that was beyond me but to do the best I can at present.

After being aimlessly unhappy for many years, today, I feel I have a vision & purpose to life, I try to feed my soul with things I love to do, to find me-time, to forgive, to surrounding myself with the people who bring happiness, to respect, understand people for their limitations, to ignore or avoid negative values some people can cause and most of all to have less or no expectations from others. I am aware that it is not always easy and it is work in progress.

I cannot thank you enough Louise.

Sonia P


I was at an all time low when a friend of mine suggested I contact Louise. I was nervous, as I had never sought professional help for my lifetime emotional turmoil with my Mother.

Louise has a way of making me feel comfortable during our sessions even when I’m most exposed and vulnerable.

Her powerful words and resources, such as journaling and NLP, have provided me with a systematic and apparent healing process. Not only with my relationship with my Mother and other relationships but most importantly, the way I view myself.

I still have my lows but I’m able to cope better. Yesterday my husband said to me “you finally have a healthy thought process and I’m so proud of you “. Hearing that from him meant the world to me.

I have no words to truly thank Louise for her devoted help, support, guidance and care. For me, Louise is a blessing and Godsend.

Sarah H

Louise has helped me to look at the past and let go of any resentment I had been harbouring. I have realised how lucky & grateful I am for what I’ve got. I feel so much more positive and have such hope for a bright future.
She has introduced me to meditation & all it’s benefits, so I am feeling better within myself.
All of this has really helped me feel a lot calmer & able to deal with difficult situations more rationally. I can’t thank her enough.

Sharon W

It’s a bit of a tough journey, a lot of soul searching & quite a few tears, but hand on heart it is so worthwhile. Louise is an absolute rock, non-judgmental, gentle but honest & totally grounded. Although my journey is no where near finished, I am definitely moving in the right direction and that is, without a shadow of a doubt, a much better place to be in than back at the beginning!

Maria J

The wonderful Louise will not leave ones hearts and minds untouched. I met her at a time of lots of anger and confusion in my life and years of feeling unappreciated and unloved were setting a toll on the way I viewed myself and the world around me. Within a few weeks she helped me to understand myself better and meet the amazing woman I have deep inside of me. I’m still at the beginning of my journey with Louise but I am ripping the benefits every day. Of course I still fall of the wagon but it’s a welcome fall, which I now see as an opportunity to learn and not a failure. I am wishing Louise and all her clients every success and happiness.

Veronique M

Since experiencing several coaching sessions with Louise, I have found intention and direction of purpose.

I managed to reach my first goal which was amazing and my new goal is a journey I now look forward to. Having been taught to clarify exactly what I want, I’ve had astonishing results already.

Everyone needs direction and the direction comes from a true, passionate, informed and caring coach. You‘ll surpass all your doubts and get fantastic results with Louise.

Judy R

Louise comes from a background in business. She is driven and used to getting clearcut results and demands the same for her coaching clients. This goes some way to explaining her dedication to them, which goes above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

She has a free access policy so that clients can message or mail her at anytime during the week and responds as soon as she can. Having immediate help on hand like this can be the make or break factor for people negotiating change, and Louise’s policy is pure gold. The quality of her coaching is outstanding, too. She has a through understanding of relationships and their wider implications on our life, and her quick and astute mind is quick to grasp what each of her clients needs to do to improve the quality of their life.

She then breaks it down into small and manageable steps for you to follow, and is right there with you cheering you on each and every step of the way. No wonder she gets such amazing results! If you are struggling with relationships in some way, I can’t recommend working with her highly enough.

The depth and breadth of the changes you’ll see after only a short time working with Louise make it a worthwhile investment. What you are really investing in is you and your future.

Julia G

Louise has been a great and fabulous inspiration. She has guided me positively in my quest to find out who I really am. After just five sessions, I can already feel myself to be happier, healthier and the most importantly, confident with who I am. I can honestly say, that I now like myself and I can’t wait to grow further under her guidance. This has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life and I cannot thank Louise enough for showing me the way and being there for me.

Jackie B

I love how everything fits together in this KTL vision Experience and builds up from one module to the next and also how clear and easy to follow it all is. I have been keeping my daily journal for gratitude/achievements/ kindness to self & others and also my transformation journal and these have enabled me to keep focused on my progress.

I am also going to buy a whiteboard – I already do daily / weekly / monthly / annual goals etc but love the idea of keeping them visible on a board that will help me remember how the things I am doing on a daily basis are linked into the new life that I am working towards and keep me going when I get overwhelmed (as I do from time to time at the moment!).

As mentioned before I am studying this year for both a coaching diploma and a diploma in NLP/Hypnotherapy and both courses are very thorough but KTL is enabling me to build on this and coach myself as I go along. Thank you Louise … you are definitely helping me change my life!! BIG thing to try and do at 53 but I am getting there!!

Joe W

Hi all. I’m new to this group having just had my first session with Louise – a fantastic time of deep and meaningful connection in which she brought great clarity into some unresolved patterns in my life and gave me many tips and excellent tools that have empowered me to start turning these patterns around and forging a way forward. Not to mention the strength I derived from Louise uplifting and supporting me with her passionate and inspiring presence! I’m really looking forward to being part of this group and getting to know all of you here, and using the safe space it provides to share with you so that we can all support each other on our various journeys. Much love and can’t wait to connect with more of you soon ♡

Julia G

“Today was my last session and I can’t believe the difference it has made. I feel so much more positive about the future.

I realise however that this is a life course, not just twelve sessions and I still have a lot of work to do. I cant thank you enough for your kindness and understanding. Knowing you are at the end of a phone to offer support also means a lot to me. Thank you Louise.”

Charlotte E

“I met Louise through “Good Habits’, a local slimming club I attend weekly. I really had no idea what life coaching was or what it could do for me but I was so depressed about being over weight and other areas of my life as well. Over a period of a few weeks Louise has taught me how to think positively, to see life from a different perspective and release the emotional issues that were holding me back from losing the weight.

I am feeling far more positive about my life, my weight continues to drop off and it’s much easier than I thought it would be, I see food in a totally different light. Louise is very passionate about her work, never judgemental, caring and thoughtful.

I have decide to continue with Louise for a few weeks to keep me accountable and continue with my personal growth and weight loss and can recommend her to anyone struggling with their weight or personal issues. ”

Michelle B

Louise offered me a lifeline that gave me the strength to steer myself through a traumatic period in my working life and I have been able to come out the other side a much stronger and more positive person. I can highly recommend working with Louise.


Having reached a plateau in my career, a friend suggested that I should speak with Louise Armstrong with a view to explore her Coaching Program. I admit to feeling rather skeptical at first as I have always been very confident in my own ability and put my setbacks down to local market dynamics. Following my initial session with Louise it became clear to me that, despite my qualifications and extensive professional experience, there were perhaps some less than positive energies in my life that could be holding me back. Louise has shown me how these negative factors can be identified and dealt with while at the same time working on my strengths. Even after just that one session I feel a renewed feeling of self-confidence.

What separates Louise from so many others in her field is her wonderful blend of openness, honesty and compassion. She is a woman who is driven by a genuine sense of care and a strong desire to help others. I guess we all find challenges in our lives that tend to hold us back. Shy people, in particular, are often reluctant to seek a guiding light to help steer back onto a new course. Louise has provided me with that guiding light and I am enormously grateful for her help.


Louise has supported me through a very difficult time. I suffer from anxiety and Louise has helped me to look at events which upset me as a child and bring the emotions that I felt then, to the surface.

This was hard, but by doing this I have been able to forgive the person who upset me. I am still going through this process and Louise keeps in contact with me, supporting me and giving me wonderful words of encouragement. I would highly recommend Louise to anyone who needs support and guidance to get where they want to be in life.

Mandy B

Louise has an incredible way of connecting right at the heart at a very sincere deep level. She is able to really get to the root of my problem, give it a new meaning so I see my life with ‘different eyes. I am so lucky and fortunate to have met her and would highly recommend her to anyone who has had enough of living the way they are!

Allicky G.

Louise is a passionate and skilled coach. I really enjoy working with her. She’s helped me enormously clarify what I want and supported me in achieving my goals. Louise is insightful, enthusiastic and dedicated to helping her clients succeed. She’s generous with her knowledge, continually learning herself and passing on what she learns. Thank you Louise! I’d highly recommend her to support you in having the best life ever!

Deborah B

I have always been a very positive person, however over the last three years I have experienced traumatic family events that turned my life upside down.

I didn’t know how to move forward and found myself hating everything about my life and feeling extremely unhappy, which is so unlike me. A worried friend referred me to Louise and after my first meeting with her I decided I wanted a large dose of what she was offering.

I talked everything through with Louise and she encouraged me to follow simple steps throughout the week, which we built up on over a period of time. Before I knew it I found that I was thinking far more positively and making quite drastic changes in my life, all for the better. I saw light at the end of the tunnel and I have not looked back.

Gayle P

Since experiencing several coaching sessions with Louise, I have found intention and direction of purpose.

I managed to reach my first goal which was amazing and my new goal is a journey I now look forward to. Having been taught to clarify exactly what I want, I’ve had astonishing results already.

Everyone needs direction and the direction comes from a true, passionate, informed and caring coach. You‘ll surpass all your doubts and get fantastic results with Louise.

Judy R

“Louise has a real gift. I have often been put off by online life coaches who seem to use cliches and false enthusiasm to try and make you see things more positively. I warmed to Louise from the first session – she genuinely cares and is able to help you focus on what really holds you back from living a full and happy life.

She helps you discover it for yourself and make the changes you need to make in a gradual and affirming way. I learned that I am enough and that everything I want in my life is up to me. I cannot thank her enough for helping me see the destructiveness of both self-criticism and self-pity, and for realising how positive energy works when you adopt positive and good habits. Louise can really change your life – highly recommended!”


Thanks so much for all your help Louise, I really couldn’t have move forward so quickly without YOUR help, you are such an excellent coach.

I truly appreciate your professionalism, your impressive intuitive guidance, your passion for what you do and your devotion to helping your clients, you are so very much in your element 🙂

It is people like you who really contribute to making our world a better one! I really wanted to take a moment to thank you properly for the huge difference you have already made in my life 🙂 Hugs & kisses xxx


“I am so truly grateful and blessed to have Louise Armstrong as my Amazing Coach and also consider her a trusted friend! Louise’s intuitiveness, warm and compassionate style had guided me to take inspired action. By being aware of and letting go of some of my self-limiting beliefs, I was able to make significant changes and accomplish many of my goals! The most important accomplishment was fulfilling my intention! Because of Louise’s incredible passion to uncovering one’s amazing potential, I am on my way to living the life I have always Dreamed of!!!!”

Jessica K

I have worked with Louise over several months, and I truly value her advice on personal development and life transformation. She is very dedicated, and she truly cares about her clients. She always has a way of eliciting the information needed to get to the root of the problem or limiting belief. She is straightforward and very ethical in her dealings with her clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to live their best life.

Penny L

Sharon W

Victoria B

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