What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is like any therapy in respect that it can help you to get better and enjoy an improved quality of life, just what someone would expect from any sort of talking therapy. Hypnotherapy can help you to reduce stress in your life, to feel more relaxed allowing you to experience positive changes.

So what makes hypnotherapy different to other therapies? As we understand it, change needs to take place in the subconscious mind to be effective, as the subconscious mind is responsible for the most part of our behaviour. The conscious rational part of our mind is only about 1 – 5% of our brain capacity and so it’s essential to tap into the subconscious, which is where our habits and programmed responses are stored and operate on ‘auto pilot’. As a hypnotherapist I am able to directly access the subconscious part of the mind using hypnosis, which will allow change to be far more rapid than with other therapies, which could take years to come to the same result.

By bypassing the CCF (conscious critical faculty) part of the mind I am able to use this therapeutic technique, hypnosis (really just a relaxed state of mind – having effortless concentration and a single-minded focus on a particular idea or concept) to access the subconscious mind allowing beneficial change. The reason we cannot make direct changes to the subconscious mind is the conscious critical faculty (CCF) acts as a filter to only allow into the subconscious mind information that is aligned with the existing store of beliefs and expectations from experiences gathered throughout our lives – especially from childhood and early conditioning. As you relax through hypnosis the critical faculty of the conscious mind switches off and information can be suggested to the subconscious mind without interference.

‘As a hypnotherapist I am in a unique position of actually being able to communicate with the subconscious directly in a way that nobody else can.’

I follow a code of professional ethics and code of conduct at all times with the APHP (Association For Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy) and the Essex Institute Of Clinical Hypnosis.

How hypnotherapy can help you


Ask yourself this question, ‘Have you ever tried to change a habit pattern, or become more self-motivated, only to find your subconscious resisting?’ The fact that the subconscious can create such resistance to change is WHY we often need hypnotherapy. People frequently ask me why they find themselves unable to accomplish even the smallest of goals and objectives through willpower. This is very simply explained that the acceptance of any new habit pattern requires subconscious cooperation. This is where the hypnosis comes in to help with a wide range of ailments from addictions, self-confidence, habits and anxieties to social phobias and stress management.

Smoking Cessation

to feel generally better and healthier after quitting with smoother skin, more energy, a better sense of taste and smell and the achievement of becoming a natural non-smoker.

Stress Management

to learn how to cope with challenges, handle stressful situations, use self-hypnosis on yourself,  create positive affirmations and devise a new blue print of how to handle specific issues in your life.

Fears & Anxieties

These are ‘simple’ phobias which appear to be isolated to themselves and once the sensitivity to the event has been identified you will be able feel at ease with the situation.

Self Confidence

to learn how to boost your self-confidence so you feel better about yourself from the inside without being influenced by external factors.  To learn positive suggestions, affirmations and techniques giving you clarity, focus and the confidence to make decisions with your life.

Weight Management

to learn how to have a healthy relationship with food, enjoy improved health, have regular exercise, be indifferent to what other people eat, enjoy the feeling of being in control and create life long healthy eating habits.

Social Phobias

here you will learn how to art of relaxation allowing you to deal with social situations to combat blushing, heart palpitations and anxiety. You will learn how to feel relaxed and at ease in new situations and groups of people.

Goal Achievement

to learn how to achieve any goal you set for yourself, building a foundation, a goal, an intention, affirmations to motivate you whilst learning to think in a more positive way.

Exam Nerves

to have a calm and relaxed focus of attention, so that you see the exam as an opportunity to show your skills and knowledge in what you have been studying for.

Fear of the Dentist

to learn what pain you are actually frightened of and to discover where the pain comes from.  This will allow you to see that the dentist is there to alleviate your pain and symptoms and not cause them.

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I use a combination of my coaching, counselling and hypnotherapy experience and qualifications
to tailor make a plan for each of my clients.

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