~ 10 Ways to Get More of Everything Good In Life ~

Hi Everyone,
I’ve never once met someone who didn’t want more…
More love.
More health.
More money.
More freedom.
It is easy to think that personal development is for the broken, truth is, personal development is for everyone, especially the achievers.
If you’d like more of the good things in your life…
Here are 10 easy ways to make that happen:
1. Gratitude: Be grateful for what you have. Gratitude truly is the attitude that connects us to the source. Sound too easy? For one week, consciously give thanks for every good thing in your life. Look around; appreciate every meal, friendship, sunshine, health, and freedoms you have.
2. Perspective: Try a new perspective. Sometimes the ceilings we’re up against are merely a problem with perception. When we choose a different perspective, opportunities suddenly present themselves.
3. Risk: Get outside your comfort zone. Take a new route on your daily commute. Talk to someone new. Try a new food. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand. To get more out of life we must venture outside of our daily routines – when we do this, we often spark creativity.
4. Focus: Set a clear goal. We’ve established that everyone wants more. What exactly is ‘more’ to you? If you allow yourself to dream without any limitations, what do you want? When you allow yourself to consider the possibility of ‘more’ and set a clear goal to achieve it, your mind will automatically come into harmony with solutions.
5. Action: Don’t settle. In the pursuit of more, it’s important that we never become complacent or rest on ‘just enough.’  Appreciate what you have, but know that you deserve more – think of the good you can do and the lives you can enrich with – more.
6. Service: Help others. Every single chance you get to help someone else – take it. Big or small.  Actively look for ways to be of service… it can be as simple as a smile and eye contact.
7. Acceptance: Be good to yourself. We’re all guilty of being hard on ourselves. In the pursuit of more, appreciate yourself. Encourage yourself.
8. Awareness: Do a little more.  Each day, do a little more. When you give life just 1-2% more, you will be amazed at what a difference it will make. Love a little more. Do one more thing at work before calling it quits for the day. Be a little nicer. Give life, just a little more.
9. Persistence: Do a little better. Take a second glance over each daily task. Look for areas you can be of more excellence. Do better than average. Do better than you thought you could do. It’s so easy to let ourselves be lazy, doing just good enough – do better.
10. Enjoy: Take time to truly enjoy and appreciate your life.
These are fantastic tips from Bob Proctor, a wonderful inspiring leader who totally backs our  Mind Movies products.
Enjoy and To Your Huge Success,