~ We do not Create What we Want, we Create What we Feel ~

Recently we’ve been looking into why when we think about what we want consciously it doesn’t happen. This is been a hot topic this week for the women I help involved in a weight loss program. Many have been on a diet for years, they know intellectually that they should eat less and exercise more but guess what…….that just doesn’t happen and a vicious cycle occurs of yo-yo dieting. So continuing our insight into the subconscious mind, the driver behind our behaviours I expand a little more here.
~ We do not Create What we Want, we Create what we Feel ~
It may be hard to believe at first but by changing your thought patterns and beliefs you can change what you are attracting into your life. Whatever you need you can attract, money, health love by using the proven powers of Law of Attraction. Look around you… everything you see in your life is because of your thoughts, you and only you have attracted it ALL into you life.
“Like attracts like” which  is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.
Basically “you get what you think about”. One of the biggest reasons law of attraction does not work for most people is because they never change their beliefs. You can run around all day stating your positive affirmations but if you don’t truly believe it you are doomed to fail.
The biggest reason your beliefs will not change is because you subconscious mind has limiting or negative beliefs. You may be saying “I am slim,” but your subconscious is saying “no your not, you are fat and overweight” So what happens? Nothing. All the visualisation and affirmations in the world aren’t going to do a thing for you UNLESS you change your subconscious mind. 
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