~ A Cool Little Exercise – 50 Shades of Gratitude ~

Hi Everyone,
Do you want to learn how to immediately raise your energetic vibration so you can instantly attract positive people and opportunities into your life?
Because today I have a cool little exercise that will leave you feeling positively buzzed.
Are you ready?
It’s the act of expressing gratitude for the things that you’re happy to have in your life.
Here are some examples of what I’m grateful for:
– I’m grateful for my loving husband, Ian – I’m grateful for the runs I enjoy on the beach¬†every day – I’m grateful to live in a city with beautiful weather – I’m grateful for my wonderful social circle – I’m grateful for all of my family.
Now, I want you to actively think of, write down and say aloud 5 things that you’re grateful for.
Maybe you could fill this list up with small things that you often take for granted, like being able to eat great food everyday and having a nice home to live in.
Or perhaps you might add in some more specific things that you’re grateful have occurred in your life recently.
Make your list, say each item aloud and then make this a daily habit if you can.
You’ll discover the more you express gratitude for even the smallest of things in your life, the better you’ll feel, thus raising your overall positive energy and attracting more abundance into your life.
Doing this small exercise puts focus on what you DO have and not on what you DON’T have and makes you feel really great, so give it a go ūüôā
Just remember, gratitude is the BEST attitude!
To being grateful,