Are You Achieving Less and Less In Life?

You are at a stage in life where you thought you would have achieved more. You are disappointed with your declining performance and you can’t see a way forward? You once had a dream to achieve so much yet you appear to achieve less and less – where did your drive disappear to? Does this sound like you right now? You’ve been feeling:
  • Exhausted – you don’t enjoy a good night’s sleep anymore and just don’t want to get out of bed in the morning; you would far rather pull the duvet over your head and hit the snooze button on your alarm.
  • Unhappy with your performance – you’ve lost your sparkle, you feel ‘down’ most of the time, you can’t focus at work, you’re easily distracted, spend too much time trawling through emails or on social media.
  • Despondent with life in general – life has become mundane, your routine is boring, and you feel apathetic most of the time.
  • Unfit – your clothes are getting tighter and tighter, you exercise less and less despite the diets you begin and the personal trainers you enrol with. You just give up, as it all seems too hard.
  • Indecisive in just about every area of your life – why can’t you make decisions anymore?
You want that drive back that led you to perform so well at work so you feel valued and life has a purpose. You want to feel fit and healthy – exercising and making good food choices. You crave a decent night’s sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. I’ve been working with men and women over the past few years who have completely lost their drive for life – I’ve helped them get back that zest so they can really run their lives at their peak performance. Through emotional healing and therapy, you will be able to create a foundation of increased self-worth, to feel inspired and motivated so you achieve that peak performance on a daily basis. Right now you can –
  • Ask yourself if you are on the right career path for you – you will feel totally unfulfilled as the best lawyer in town if you really want to run a business or be a baker.
  • Change your mindset from one of lack to one of abundance – focusing your thoughts on what you do have in your life and not yearning for what you don’t have.
  • Stop trying to multitask – create a system whereby you focus on only 3 tasks to complete that day, no more. You are human after all, not a machine and you are much better to finish a project than starting 10.
  • Start journaling – write down your mistakes and the things that didn’t work out at the back of the journal and at the front write things you turned around.
  • Start creating better moments in your day, not better days; baby steps grow into miles over time.
  • Focusing on one goal – one that inspires you, create a visualization in your mind of you arriving at that goal, let go of the ‘how’ you will get there and focus on the ‘why’ you want that goal so much.
  • Learn to listen more, celebrate the tiniest of successes and put yourself first – the more responsibility you take for your actions, the happier you will become.
  • Be kind to yourself, the more you begin to love yourself the more care you will take in your diet and exercise.
Ask yourself right now if you are inspired by what you are doing – are you doing it for you or did your parents think this job was a good idea and something you should achieve? You will never feel fulfilled and happy living someone else’s dream. Know that you are responsible for your reactions and how you feel and life doesn’t happen to you. By making changes in your life that make you feel good, increasing your self-worth and self-esteem you feel better on the inside enabling you to perform better and achieve more. I want you to know that you can do this, know that you are a powerful human being who can change the way you feel and create that performance level you so crave. It will be the most rewarding valuable journey of your life. You are not alone on this journey; please feel free to reach out to me at any time, I am always happy to hear from you.