‘The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation.’
You are now moving forward and we need to keep that going.
Setting your intention, choosing your goal, creating affirmations and taking inspired action are all steps towards the new life you are creating, so congratulate yourself. It’s at this stage that repetition is crucial to keep your positive energy flowing and you focused in the right direction.
You may find ‘nagging doubts’ in your ability to achieve your goals are cropping up now, this is normal and we will deal with these soon.
Don’t forget to keep writing in your gratitude diary, exercising, offering compliments to people, smiling at strangers, giving  yourself  “me time” etc.
You are turning these rituals into daily habits that you will soon be doing without even thinking. You need to continue to “flex” and grow these mental muscles so you keep yourself in a positive frame of mind.
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