~ Change your thoughts and you change your world ~
Are you aware how powerful your thoughts are and the fact that every single thought you have affects your day to day life. Consciously you may be saying one thing but subconsciously you could be thinking something totally different. Because your subconscious mind runs the show guess what happens………you got it, you don’t act on your spoken words! So let’s start to change that and one of the first ways we can do this is by using affirmations ~ these are short positive sentences that we re affirm every day and after time they get imprinted on our subconscious minds so they become part of us, part of our belief system so we can then act on them.
‘The Most Powerful Affirmations’
Goal Affirmation – ‘the specific milestone you set for yourself, a concrete goal in the present tense’
For example: I am a size 10
I earn $10,000 a month
Life Affirmation – ‘how does life look when you’ve achieved that goal’
For example: I am fit, full of vitality and enjoying life
Why Affirmation – ‘look back over your worksheet and see WHY you set your goal’
For example: I feel confident and attractive with my new body
Action Affirmation – ‘what actions can you take to move towards your goals’
For example: I will exercise for 30 minutes each day
I will eat nutritiously planned meals
Thought Affirmation – ‘these are things you should be thinking about to achieve your goal’
For example: I make healthy choices
I love eating healthy and nutritious foods
Then compile all these into a list and you have very powerful affirmations that you say daily to keep you on track to achieve your goal. These really do help you to stay positive when the times get tough.
These affirmations can also be put into a Mind Movie, helping you to achieve your goals at a much faster pace.
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