~ Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone ~

This quote is one of my favourites as it as got me to where I am today, continually doing things that make me uncomfortable, pushing myself that little bit further each day. My world then expands and my life grows and my confidence soars. Whilst I am doing this I am very careful not to let ‘toxic’ thoughts into my mind to destroy my confidence in doing these new things in my life.

~ The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another ~
‘So don’t let these toxic thoughts enter your mind today!’
The 5 deadly toxins………………………………
Complaining, criticising, gossiping, worrying and procrastinating. Imagine if you never did any of these again.
This time a year ago I still reflect on Charlotte experiencing her travels and that amazing adventure ~ pushing herself way out of her comfort zone each day throwing herself head first into the whole experience, none of the above toxic thoughts have had time to enter her head. She has brushed her fears aside and just gone for it. Diving in amongst the corals has blown her mind away, fear has melted away into confidence.
So for you today, find something you enjoy doing, start a new hobby, go completely out of your comfort zone and enjoy the experience. Whatever it is you decide to do, live in the moment and don’t let one of those deadly toxins in!!!
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