I am particularly passionate about the area of ‘letting go’ as it has had such a profound affect on my life. We can be incredibly positive in our day to day living but if we still have negative things we are holding onto we will never be truly happy so it’s about balancing the two together then you achieve that inner peace that is indestructible.
~ Be strong enough to let go and be patient enough to wait for what you deserve ~
It’s been a year now since I let my little Schnauzer friend, Molly, go back to England to live at University with my daughter Sophie. This was incredibly hard to do at the time, she left a big void in my life but a year on I can really see it has been one of the best decisions of my life. It is amazing to see how happy Molly is running across fields and woods, chasing squirrels. Sophie has never been happier and just about every area of Sophie’s life has improved including her studies.  In the moments when I miss Molly, I quickly remind myself of the amazing life that the pair of them now lead ~ leaving me with a big smile.
I get this same satisfied feeling knowing  I have done the right thing when I think of all those self-limiting beliefs I have let go of and replaced with new positive ones that are taking my life forward each day. Also, I had no idea back then that our new little puppy, Bella, another Schnauzer will be arriving soon. Listen to your intuition and you will always be right.
So for you, if you feel it’s the right thing to do, however hard it is at the time, you WILL smile again and know that letting go was the best thing you ever did!
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