~ Visualise this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it ~
‘Visualisation is daydreaming with a purpose’
‘What you can hold in your heart you can hold in your hands’ ~ a wonderful daily mantra I often use.
My daughter, Sophie, displayed this to me earlier this year, she has proved to herself that her visualisation completely unknowingly and effortlessly worked! Sophie, who is now studying at university  back in the UK saw herself living with Molly, our Schnauzer dog in her student house. Everyday Sophie visualised and believed Molly would be living with her very soon. This seemed an impossible task as Molly, had been in Dubai for 7 years and it really wasn’t the ‘done thing’ for students to care for their pets whilst studying! When she asked if she could have Molly back with her at university we gave her a long list of difficult criteria she had to fulfil, which she amazingly did in a couple of months. Sophie always had her goal of Molly living with her at the forefront of her mind and continually made progress towards her new life with her little friend.
Sophie will tell you that her life and Molly’s life are actually far better than she could ever have envisaged. This is often what happens when we arrive at our goals, I have seen this many many times. In fact, every member of my family has really benefited from visualisation and enjoying all it’s benefits, it really does work!
My husband, Ian visualised himself building a sports car, he saw himself actually building the car part by part, driving the car, he could even smell the fumes as he roared the engine. At the time this task seemed impossible with our financial situation but through visualising with emotion and cementing that belief in his subconscious mind the car was in his garage earlier than he could believe. I could go through every member of my family and share their experiences but I just wanted to put the message across that this works in everyday lives so try this for yourself.
And this could be you very soon!!!
~ Visualise yourself having already achieved your goal
~ When you do your visualisation be specific and include lots of detail
~ Include powerful emotions to supercharge your visualisation
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