~ Follow Your Dreams, Believe in yourself and Don’t Give Up ~
Are you sometimes so excited to do something new, start a new relationship, perhaps apply for a new job, embark on an exercise program or plan a new healthy diet then you hear this niggling little voice inside saying, ‘You can’t possibly do that’. Do you know where I’m coming from………?
Well, it’s all about self doubt, limiting beliefs, low self esteem etc which is why so many of us stay in our comfort zones and don’t try new things, because we don’t believe we can. Then we become frustrated as we aren’t going in the direction we want to and we’re not achieving the goals we want to, so it becomes a vicious circle.
So if that negative belief is so strong especially at first it is easier to accept belief in yourself when someone else believes in you first. Once you see that they really do believe in you then it becomes easier to really believe who you are and what you are capable of. I was fortunate to have had an amazing coach to help me to be where I am today, I couldn’t figure it out alone so I sought help. For you it may be a friend who helps you, a relative or a mentor or perhaps you could look at me standing by your side and coaching you; why not book a free discovery session with me today here.
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