~ The A-Ha moments ~ Don’t you just love these!
‘A moment of sudden inspiration, realisation, insight and comprehension’.
Your intuition is like your GPS system, it’s an amazing part of you that guides you along in the direction that is right for you. When you can channel into what your intuition is telling you life becomes much easier, decisions become simpler and you start living with such clarity.
Try this, when you wake up tomorrow morning before you open your eyes, say to yourself,  ‘How can I move forward towards my goal?’ We do this just as you are waking up as we are coming out of the Theta brainwave state which is when you are most relaxed, (but not asleep) and it is here that our answers lie – it’s just a case of accessing them. 
See what happens, answers may well come to you straight away or it could be later on that day. If you do this regularly you will be surprised how in tune you feel with yourself and things start to fall into place.
This is the start of learning to trust your intuition which could help you in so many areas of your life.
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