~ When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything ~
So, let’s release the fear and work out what is stopping us from reaching our goals.
Wow, what a subject we have for this week……. Self- limiting beliefs, so what are they?
This has to be one of the most amazing parts of my journey, releasing self-limiting beliefs. What exactly are these? They are the thoughts, energy, and beliefs that hold you back from where you want to be. Once I released these my life completely changed so I am a real advocate that these play an enormous part in all of our journeys.
These are beliefs that have been planted in your subconscious mind from childhood by your parents, teachers, siblings etc. They are destructive negative thoughts that work behind the scenes. For example, you may be having trouble reaching a financial goal and this could be due to the fact that you are harbouring a belief around money from childhood so this is blocking you getting what you want. If your parents argued about money, the impression the child gets is that money is bad. So even if you try your very best to attract money you will actually repel money as subconsciously you think it is bad.
But the great news is we can erase these permanently! I have done this on many levels and when the belief is totally eradicated your behaviour changes naturally without any force, determination or trying. It’s at that point you can honestly say ‘Yes, I am living my life with grace and ease’, as all the internal struggles have been removed and you feel tranquil and fulfilled. It isn’t an easy process but I can promise you it is really worth it.
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