Guarantee to be a Happier Person in 8 Weeks!

How would you like to wake up each morning feeling happier than you are right now? Perhaps you’ve tried different things in the past and they work for ‘a bit’ then you go back to your ‘old ways’, maybe you’re tried many things and they just ‘don’t work’ or maybe you haven’t tried anything at all and just accept the way you feel.
Well, here is something incredibly simple but it has been proven to work. I’m not keen on research but I love science and this is backed scientifically to work. So, what have you got to lose – why not start today?
1. LAUGH – you need to laugh for 20 minutes throughout the day at some point.
2. EXERCISE – for 20/30 minutes EVERY day.
3. HAPPY MEMORY and the dots.
Laugh – you might say right now, I can’t laugh at anything, there’s nothing to laugh at……so you MAKE yourself, you look in the mirror and laugh, you make yourself watch funny videos, funny clips, cartoons, U-tube videos etc, even if it’s fake, DO IT! Consciously make yourself do this EVERY day.
Exercise – you might say, ‘I’ve done nothing in years’……then WALK – a brisk walk is one of the best forms of exercise. Or find an exercise you enjoy. Don’t go to the gym if you don’t like gyms…. you’ll give up. Try different things out. But WALK every day if you do nothing else.
Happy Memory – you could say, ‘But I don’t have any happy memories I can think of. So try looking through a magazine, the Internet for pictures of babies – these usually evoke a smile, or anything that makes you smile. Lock this memory in your mind and now take a sheet of some small round stickers. I invite you to place these tiny stickers all around your home, on your bathroom mirror, the fridge, your bed, your TV, your cupboards all over the place. Now when you see a sticker as you go through your day every time you see a one you MAKE yourself evoke the ‘happy memory’.
I encourage you to try this – what have you got to lose? We are all here to support you!