~ Motivation – How Do We Motivate Ourselves? ~

‘Inspiration gets you started, motivation keeps you going. Fitness is not a destination, it is a way of life. To change the way you look, change the way you think. The only bad workouts are the ones that don’t happen’.
I’m sharing this wonderful quote as I found it incredibly inspiring at a time in my life where I had gone through some serious surgery and wanted to regain full health and vitality.
This motivational quote can inspire for your day ahead! BUT what if you just can’t get motivated to do the things that are going to take you towards where you want to be in life? Well, here is the KEY……. to be motivated so you naturally take the steps forward, you need to visualise with emotion , plan and take action.
A few years ago I had a serious gynaecological operation and was unable to walk very far afterwards but the doctors all told me to get back to great health I must walk every day. Well, I really couldn’t be bothered and felt very weak. The day I decided to choose a goal and an intention was the day I changed my thought process…….my goal was to run 10km in 6 months time and the intention (the WHY) was to feel in amazing health.
So how did I keep going when I felt like giving up for at this time I could barely walk 100m? I had my intention, which was so crystal clear in my mind I could FEEL what it was like to live with amazing health and vitality. I used this intention many times a day. I also planned how I was going to get there and took ACTION every day.
Every night before I went to bed I placed my trainers and my water bottle by the front door – this did two things, it signalled to my subconscious mind my intent for the morning and so by the next day I was already in that thinking process. The trainers then acted as a reminder for me in the morning.
Visualising my goal, I was able to FEEL that vitality and health so I put the trainers on quite effortlessly and off I went, increasing my distance everyday by a few hundred meters. Before the 6 months was up, I ran the Dubai 10km run in 52 minutes.
Not only did I feel in amazing health, I felt fantastic achieving my goal. This gave my huge confidence in other areas of my life and has also encouraged my children to be very athletic. I still love running today all these years later!
I would so love to hear what motivates you?
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