~ No matter How you Feel………..Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up and NEVER Give Up! ~

‘80% of success is showing up ~ results will show up when you do.’
Still on the subject of talking about how to overcome challenges understanding how to meet and overcome them is extremely important for your success. Often, you can do everything right to meet your goals – like setting a clear intention, goals and affirmations, defining your core values and identifying and releasing with self-limiting beliefs – and you will still run into challenges. Yet when you’re prepared, you will be ready to take on the world and do whatever you need to do to reach your goal!
So what do you do when you meet challenges along the way that slow you down, for instance:
~ Negative people who drain your energy and plant seeds
of doubt in your mind about who you are and what you’re
capable of
~ Or fear of failure or looking bad, something that makes
you second guess your desire to step outside of your safe
comfort zone
~ Then there’s the challenge of knowing WHAT you need
to do next, but not knowing HOW to do it!
~ Or how about feeling like there’s simply not enough time
in the day to accomplish all of the things you know you need
to do to move closer towards your goal?
You will need to understand that your challenges are all a part of the path of getting from where you are now to where you want to be. And when you understand that if you can break through these challenges, your rewards are waiting for you on the other side at the end of your journey.
“Challenges” are not there to stop you on your path… Instead, they arise to give you the opportunity to stretch yourself, grow and expand. The point is to not let these challenges STOP you. Remember – they are all a part of your journey towards your rewards! Instead of letting your challenges slow you down, stop you or derail you, you can learn how to look at them as an opportunity to get creative and resourceful!
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