Out Of the Darkness & Into the Light

To start this week off ladies I want to share with you a few inspirational words about my youngest daughter. As many of you know Sophie lost her little dog, Molly, to heart disease a month ago – Sophie was completely heart-broken & has cried buckets of tears as this little girl was Sophie’s whole life and had been for 9 years. Molly has been to University with Sophie for the past few years, to every party, social event, football match, travelled by her side on every train and tube journey – there hasn’t been a moment in that dog’s life that she hasn’t been loved.

Molly has taught Sophie so much in life and now Sophie is learning the price you pay for love – that love does hurt, love is painful but also that love can teach you so much as well. Everyone said to Sophie that having a dog at University was crazy and you’ll never manage a dog whilst you’re working full time. But nothing ever deterred Sophie from having her dream – to be with Molly – nothing will ever stop you once you discover your passion.
Sophie discovered a couple, whose boyfriend adored dogs but his girlfriend wasn’t that keen on animals but as she worked from home she agreed to have Molly once a week. Within days this lady fell in love with Molly and had her every day whilst Sophie worked. This lady and Sophie held Molly in their arms as she passed away last month. Now, this lady has just got a puppy herself, which is also wonderful for Sophie as she now has a new furry friend to visit. Look at what Molly taught this lady about love.
Sophie is renting a house and unable to have another dog of her own but within a month she has worked out how she can buy a house so she can have another dog. Her offer on the house was accepted yesterday – this is what taking action is. And there’s even more, Sophie has decided to run a business involving dogs whilst still training to be a chartered Civil Engineer.
None of these things would have happened without Sophie having such a passion in life and losing her best friend.
This month Sophie’s tears have broken my heart but the strength I have seen come from the passing of little Molly is profound. Sophie is learning to live with loss and pain as opposed to trying to suppress and forget it, and with this comes strength and new opportunities, which she is now seeing for herself. None of these things would have happened without losing Molly; the new friendship, buying a house and investing in a ‘Dog Business’ – a lot to be grateful for. So there is light in the darkness.
So, if you are struggling with a great loss, deep pain or those unbearable feelings of loneliness somewhere along the line there will be a light to show you the way. Let the tears flow, don’t suppress them, reach out to someone – you will see the way out of the darkness, don’t be alone.