Patience is the Ability to Keep a Good Attitude Whilst Waiting

Wow, do I need to write this ……..I always write from the heart, either something that’s happened in my life or something I’m feeling to resonate with and help you. And right now it’s the way I’m feeling and my patience is running thin so I had to really refocus yesterday and put my life back on track.
Are you waiting for something, are you hoping for something to work out, are you fed up with it taking so long…..I know how you feel! BUT if we start thinking in a negative way we will close off opportunities and could lose our focus altogether so when the going gets tough it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate.
When I was a little girl, my granny would say ‘Patience is a virtue’, and I never knew what she meant – I just knew I had little of it. Do you remember the story of the hare and the tortoise – it’s the tortoise that wins the race! And Why? Because he’s constant; he takes it all in and keeps going. That wasn’t me at all, I was always in a rush, always onto the next thing – looking back I missed out on so much, missed out on the moment, missed out on my feelings and those experiences.
We are not born patient, it is something we learn through our lives and it’s hard and we need to work at it, which is what I’m doing right now. It’s having that inner strength and knowing that will work out in the end.
My personal challenge right now is having lived in Dubai for 15 years Ian and I now feel ready to move back to the UK. As some of you know my story having overcome and healed the relationship with my Mum and eldest daughter, we plan to buy a piece of land about 20 miles from my parents and to build an Oak Framed home. This in itself is a miracle as it was only a few years ago that our outgoings were more than our salary.
But this project is fraught with disappointment and delay after delay as we continually get turned down for planning permission and I am getting such itchy feet I wonder if it will ever happen.
Here’s where the patience comes in; I take a deep breath and remind myself of the things I have yet to accomplish in Dubai, the friends to see, the places to go, and the best thing of all is my Psychotherapy degree with Essex University which would be far harder to do back in the UK – I complete it June 2018. So I need to be realistic, living near Mum and Dad is a miraculous dream and it will happen, there is no doubt in my mind but the waiting gets hard so I need to refocus every day on how to make the best of my life right now whilst keeping my dream in mind.
I have learnt to practice being the tortoise, constantly moving all the time but enjoying the slower pace of life, taking in the beauty of each day, noticing and growing my feelings and relationships, enjoying life for what it is – not racing around missing it all.
By practising patience it will relieve you of those feelings of inadequacy, it will teach you that you can face your fears and not hide anymore, and above all, you will consistently grow your confidence as you appreciate your journey.
Will you practice having the patience of a tortoise today? COMMENT on your fears now!