Work out because you LOVE your body, not because you hate it!

A reminder today you have a choice – it is ALWAYS your choice what you do with the information and the situation you have been given – ALWAYS, no one else’s. There is no one to blame, there is no past to blame – it is YOUR responsibility how you respond.
Many years ago I had a serious operation and afterwards, I really struggled to walk further than a few hundred meters. The surgeons all advised exercise from day one after I arrived home – did I feel like it? NO…. did I love my body?……. NO, did I want to go?…… NO, did my body hurt…..YES, did I struggle? ….YES…..was I in pain? YES…….it would have been far easier to stay at home resting on the couch but I realised no amount of doctors, friends, or family could MAKE me do anything – I had a choice. The choice was so simple – I either got up and walked or I didn’t.
BUT I made a slightly different choice – I did it for me, I did it because I said I love me (although I didn’t at first), I did it because I focused on the good bit of me (not the bits I hated), I did it because I had an amazing goal of running 10 km after 6 months. I made a choice and I made a plan and it was as simple as that.
Each day I would walk that bit further – yes, in pain, yes, it hurt…was it easy? NO! Was it worth it? absolutely – I ran 10 km after 3 months! But only by doing two things…..making the choice mine and no one else’s and focusing on the good in me and not the bad.
Life is simple ladies – we over complicate it, I can promise you that.
Today, make that choice to LOVE your body, focus on the bits you like and look after it, nurture it, care for it and you will learn to love more of it.
COMMENT today – on ONE thing you LOVE about you and watch that grow!