~ 10 Affirmations To Help You Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul ~

Hi there,
Have you ever thought about just how connected your thoughts are to how you feel?
Our minds and bodies work together in such a way that any thought or belief we have, whether positive or negative, actually reflects in how we look and feel.
When we have a positive outlook, and we’re aligned with frequencies like happiness, gratitude, love, and joy, we have a higher energy and it resonates through us and everything we do.
However, when we hold on to negative emotions, such as anxiety, anger, regret or shame, our bodies react to these lower energies. And what’s more, we can even become more prone to illness or disease because of it.
Of course, there are many ways we can become sick, but having a healthy mind is one our best defenses against sickness.
So now that you know the relationship between your thoughts and your health, I’d like to share with you 10 affirmations to help you heal (or strengthen) your mind, body and soul:
1. My mind is brilliant; my body is healthy; my soul is tranquil.
2. Every cell in my body vibrates with energy & health.
3. I choose healing for my heart, body and soul every day.
4. I forgive myself and I’m able to forgive those who have hurt me in the past.
5. I am healthy in my mind, body, and spirit.
6. I am grateful for the healing that’s happening in my body.
7. I manifest perfect health by letting go of what doesn’t serve me.
8. I give myself permission to heal inside and out.
9. I heal in my own time and I’m patient with myself every day.
10. I am radiant, beautiful and strong; and I enjoy a healthy life.
Remember that your thoughts create your reality! So practice these affirmations daily to effortlessly tap into your subconscious, and soon you’ll feel the powerful effects of reprogramming your mind for success.
To your huge success