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Change how you see yourself today

You CAN heal and change your life. The past is NOT your future.

Psychotherapist and Emotional Intelligence Expert, Louise Armstrong, wrote this life-changing book to give you the hope of having a happier, healthier life regardless of your childhood or your current situation.

Change How You See Yourself Today helps you to feel totally empowered as you see yourself in a new light. YOU are the change.

Give yourself the freedom to be you, let go of the past and embrace a new future.

Wonderful guide to healing yourself and your life

This book is an abundance of tools and information to help you become more positive, heal trauma, mend relationships and love yourself more.  The author takes you through her own journey throughout the book to give you an example of how all the tools she mentions can transform your life. The key to the transformation is to take responsibility for your experience and heal your life from within.  If you’re looking to heal from past wounds, change your perspective, have a more positive outlook, or be more joyful, this is a wonderful guide to doing that.  It also comes with hypnosis downloads for deep subconscious healing.


The Textbook for Awakening

Change How You See Yourself Today is at the forefront of new paradigm thought. The author tells the real hard truths with clarity and compassion offering a fresh perspective and profound understanding of our journey to embrace self-love. Her tools and techniques are infused with the author’s own awakening story that was often a perfect reflection of my own experience.  She guides the reader on a journey of self discovery and deep healing. This book is helpful if you’ve already done the work or are just beginning to recognize something in your life needs to change.After working through some of the exercises I feel an infinite capacity for love and permission to be myself more fully than I ever have been.

Kerri Scott

#1 Best seller

She did it

She Did It” has reached Number #1 on Amazon and is an international bestseller!! And I am hugely honoured to be one of the 20 authors in this inspiring book.

Have you ever wondered how “She Did It”? How do other women seem to know how to become female entrepreneurs? What led them to the point of saying YES to success and what happened on that entrepreneurial journey? Are they just different from you?

Or do they have a secret that you don’t know? In She Did It! you’ll discover how 20 women from around the world ended up saying YES to success. You’ll learn how they overcame their blocks, fears and bumps on the road, as well as the secrets of their breakthroughs and successes!

She Did It! … and so can you! Grab your copy of She Did It! ……

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How to be amazing in your life

Do you want to know where you’re heading while you leave all that excess stuff that doesn’t serve you behind?

This ebook is an appetiser. It will give you a taste of my coaching program wherein we meet up with gratitude, create clear intentions, form powerful affirmations, use the Law of Attraction and its sub-laws to improve our life, take inspired action and remove self-limiting beliefs once and for all.

I believe it will provide you with a clear and precise direction as you take your life to the next level.

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