10 Things I Do Before Goal Setting To Guarantee My Success

A brand new year, and you could be setting yourself up for failure already. Have you set yourself some huge goal, booked your gym membership, signed up for a slimming class, worked out that financial target, vowed to argue less and love more, and already it’s not going well?
So why do we fail? Why don’t we achieve our goals and just fail again and again? One reason could be that you don’t have a solid foundation to fall back on when the challenges appear.
Maybe you could ask yourself some of these questions this week. I believe in creating a foundation BEFORE you set your goals in order to achieve fantastic results.
• Can you hear the excuses you are making?
• Are you making the fears around your actions greater than you are giving yourself credit for your abilities to achieve them?
• Have you taken on too much?
• Do you have any sort of plan?
• Are you simply not committed to your goal?
• You don’t have a deadline – a goal is a concrete milestone with a deadline.
• Do you give up at the first hurdle?
Always having a goal and focus to work towards is imperative for your growth but before you can think about where you want to be in life you need a solid foundation. Or what simply happens is that when the going gets tough the whole plan falls apart and you revert back our old ways.
Mind set is critical in the way you think and when you are able to embrace gratitude, exercise, success rituals, visualisation and journaling you will have built a strong foundation to achieve those goals you so desire.
The key in moving forwards is to keep your vibrational levels up so you actually WANT to take the action towards your goals. I have put together a list of things that I do before I set my goals which have helped me achieve huge successes year after year in my life.
Every morning I tell myself that ‘I am enough’, this is a brilliant start to the day for me and a reminder that I am very comfortable in my own skin; I totally accept who I am.
Here are some ideas for you try today:
• Stop trying so hard……. we all try so hard to be that perfect mother, wife, child, friend, colleague etc and it’s just too hard. So for today, let it go and allow yourself to be just you.
• You make it happen……..simply put, take action, any action is good, at least you aren’t where you started, you’re on your way and you’ll feel better for it.
• Stay focused. Stay positive……..get a piece of paper and write down everything you have accomplished, write down all the things you feel proud about…..well done YOU!
• You are the greatest…….I love this saying from Muhammed Ali, he said this time and time again to himself until he believed it.
• Reframe your identity……this is a great one, if I was to ask you to describe yourself what would you say? Have a careful think as this is how you see your self-worth. So perhaps you could redefine this if it doesn’t sit well with you?
• Challenge negative self-talk…….we all have a little inner voice that goes on inside our heads all day long, this little voice is based on our beliefs, values and subconscious and conscious thoughts and it’s through this which gives us our interpretation of how we ‘see’ the world. Hence we can all see the same situation differently. So you will find it very hard to feel good if your self-talk is mostly negative. Firstly just be aware of the negativity then you can try saying to yourself ‘cancel/cancel to stop the negative thought growing.
• Take time for yourself……make YOU a priority instead of everything else on your to-do-list, don’t neglect yourself whilst caring for others.
• Take a deep breath…….sit back, close your eyes, and visualize things working out. Then open your eyes and re-focus on the issue.
• Write down what you’re thankful for…….do it right now and sit with the feeling, watch how you stop the negativity spiralling down.
• Give just a bit more today…….just for today, go above and beyond. Give more than is normally expected of you at home or work. See how you feel…..
Above all, YOU ARE ENOUGH!……….Keep saying it over and over again, because it’s true.
Now you have the foundation to build your amazing goals on – when the going gets tough you won’t crumble, you will be able to keep going. I wish you all the very best for 2017!