Hi there,
I wanted to share with you a fun example of how you can manifest exactly what you want!
Have you ever wondered if you can use the Law of Attraction to win the lottery?
If you have or you’ve just always wanted to know what the REAL secret to manifesting wealth is, it’s important you keep these 3 things in mind…
#1 ~ If you’re trying to use the LOA to win the lottery, you’re already trying to assume the job of the Universe by taking charge of ‘how’ you’re going to create the wealth you want. So after you’ve bought the ticket, you should then let the idea go and hand over the reigns to the Universe. Then, if the wealth manifests in another way, that’s okay too!
#2 ~ You have to be certain that you’re going to attract the wealth you desire because if there’s any doubt in your mind, you’ll be surrounding the action of buying a ticket with confusing energy and the likelihood of winning will become slim. So make sure you feel what your life will be like after you have more time and money freedom and truly believe you’re already there, before you even buy your ticket!
#3 ~ Rather than specifically focusing on winning the lottery, be open to what the Universe sends you. Be consistent with your visualizations and consciously imagine how your life will be different once you’ve manifested this new wealth into your life.
Now manifesting winning the lottery is just a fun example, but applying and mastering these same principles will help you attract anything that you desire, quickly and easily!
To your inspired manifesting,