~ 5 Frequently Asked Questions That Will Help You Solve Your Money Problems ~

Hi Everyone,
Are you desperately seeking ways to attract more money into your life?
Do you wish you had an advisor that could help you make the best money decisions possible?
I was recently reading some of the questions from students in Natalie’s  Ultimate Success Masterclass and  how they can attract more wealth and abundance into their lives. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share with you some of the most frequent questions we get about this topic and (her personal) answers, to help you also attract financial abundance into your life!
Enjoy 🙂
Q1. Common Sense VS. Faith
Natalie, I’d like to know when to use common sense and when to have faith in the universe. For example, if I only have $20 in my hand and need to pay a bill, would I pay it and believe that I’ll get more or save it for something essential like food? I know Esther Hicks would say to pick the one that feels the best. What would you suggest?
A1. Great question!!! Obviously Esther Hicks is right. You should make the decision that FEELS right for you, after you have weighed all of your options with common sense.
I believe it is all about the questions we ask ourselves – so rather than only asking ‘How should I spend this $20?’ you should instead ask, ‘How do I make more money?’ There will be a flurry of questions that follow that can help you take real steps towards financial freedom, like… ‘How do I create money doing what I love?’ or ’How do I serve others while creating wealth?’ and ’What is my next step?’, etc…
Q2. Money Affirmations
Hi Natalie. I have had to change my intention and goal because they weren’t positive enough, as I was using terms with negative connotations like “debt-free”, “release worry”, etc. Now I am afraid they are too vague for anything to come my way, which is why I am not having any results. Could you let me know what would be a good example of a positive affirmation to attract money?
A2. Remember that the most important thing when you recite your affirmations every morning is to be as specific as you can and stir up so much positive emotion that you nearly want to either cry or jump around with excitement.
For example, if you say ‘I am able to do all I want for myself and others’, try and figure out exactly what you mean by saying ‘all’.  Do you want to travel with family, sponsor a village, eat at fancy restaurants?
If you ask yourself more of WHY you want to be financially free, that will then add emotion to the equation. Also, your #1 goal needs to be something measurable, like a certain amount of money you want to save, so you can choose an amount per month you’d like to earn and use that.
Q3. Releasing Guilt
Dear Natalie, I’m having difficulty with my intention and goal. I find that wanting to attract a wealthy man makes me feel guilty, but I also know that this is an important part of my goals. Is it wrong to want to attract a wealthy man?
A3. Remember nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it. I imagine the reason you feel ‘guilty’ about wanting to attract a prosperous partner into your life is because of the social stigma attached to women who chase rich men.
When I think of a prosperous partner, I think of someone who is established, doesn’t have many worries and as a result, is content and happy with their life. I also imagine someone who doesn’t have to work too hard so they can spend lots of quality time with me.
If you attach THAT meaning, I think you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a prosperous partner!
Q4. Finding Your Money Maker Passion
Dear Natalie, I have been in the job market for 10 months, actively looking for one and often feel like it is counter productive to be looking for a job, when my family still needs me so much at home.
Today I looked at all of the emails that were job related, but none of them had any point for me. Everything that I enjoy seems impossible to make an income from.
There are a few things that I could make enough money to provide a decent life for my family, but none of them make my heart sing. I know that there are people who live an exciting, passionate life doing the things that I love, but it still feels like an unrealistic and impossible goal for me.
Where do I search? What direction can I move towards to make my ‘impossible dream’ come true? What statements can I use while tapping to get over my resolution that my passions aren’t money makers? What essential element am I missing? 
A4. I have a few suggestions on how to use the LOA in this situation:
The first step is to be careful of the language you use around your goal. So let’s change ‘impossible dream’ to ‘possible dream’ or ‘inevitable new job’.
Next is your new Mind Movie. Write down the 5 types of affirmations and include the type of people you want to work with, the hours you want to work and any other things that are important to you. And also include affirmations like ‘My passions create an abundance of wealth’ and ‘I make money doing what makes my heart sing’.
Then hit Google. Start searching for the jobs that inspire you. For example, if your passion is healing, then search ‘emotional healing jobs’, ‘health care positions’ or anything you think you might be interested in. Just be curious during your search! You may read something on these sites that spark an idea of jobs to apply for.
All of this, plus your daily grateful’s, visualizing with emotion and so on, will help you find the job of your dreams!
Q5. Reaching Your Money Goals
One of my goals is to generate at least $10,000 net income each month.  The good news is that I’ve just landed a permanent job that will allow me to cover my basic expenses. However this is not enough to get anywhere near my $10K goal. I’m really struggling to come up with ideas on how to achieve my $10K monthly goal. Do you have any suggestions?
A5. Well now that you have a job so your security and basics are covered, think about what really blows your hair back. This job doesn’t need to be your only source of income so think about what you can do outside of this. What do you love to do? What are you good at? If money was no object, what really speaks to your heart? Maybe there is something you can do that is an extension of your job?
Spend some quiet time asking these questions and soon you’ll gain more clarity.
Also, if attracting a wealthy and prosperous life feels like a struggle, then maybe you’re not focusing on the right thing.
Remember that you’ll most likely attract whatever you believe and expect, not what you think.
If your subconscious mind doesn’t believe you’re worthy of receiving more, then most likely you won’t.
The good news is that there are very powerful ways to change your brain’s relationship with money…
If you’re struggling with life and not sure of the next step to take, I can help you. To accelerate your journey in becoming the new positive you, book a Free Discovery Session now. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!