~ 5 Powerful Reminders That You ARE Good Enough ~

Hi Everyone,
I’m not good enough!
Have these words ever crossed your mind?
If they have, you’re not alone…
Sadly, many people are held back in life by the negative feeling of unworthiness.
Sometimes the high expectations of their own family and society become overwhelming. Not having the ideal career, the perfect relationship, the perfect look or the envisioned lifestyle at a certain age can make people feel unworthy, defeated, and disconnected.
If this sounds like you and you need help shifting your mindset to a more positive one so you can free yourself from this negative way of thinking, then read these 5 powerful reminders below that will help you realize you ARE good enough!
Reminder 1. No one is perfect. 
When you stop judging and comparing yourself to others, you start looking at people with kindness and compassion; and you then start to realize we’re all just human beings working our way through life. So forget about what other people have or don’t have and focus on what youwant to get out of life.
Reminder 2. You are deserving of love.
When you’re in a state of stress, worry, shame or anger, it’s more difficult to open yourself to the love and compassion of others. But the truth is that you need love the most when you feel you deserve it the least. If you truly acknowledge this and surrender to it, you’ll free yourself from these toxic feelings and you’ll be able to receive the love, happiness and joy you rightfully deserve.
Reminder 3. You are where you need to be. 
Wherever you’re headed, remember that there are different paths to get there, and that whatever you’re going through right now… it’s part of your unique journey. Regardless of where you stand in life right now make sure you’re grateful for this experience as it’s probably teaching you a very powerful lesson that will help you create a better version of yourself.
Reminder 4. There is no one else like you. 
Sometimes consciously or unconsciously we look for evidence to prove to ourselves that we are not worthy of love, or of having wealth or of living a better life. We tend to forget how unique and special we are. Rather than focusing on what’s not working out for you right now, focus on what excites you and take advantage of all your skills, talents and abilities and use them for a positive cause.
Reminder 5. You are better (and stronger) than you think.
Just think about all the amazing things you’ve accomplished so far and all the other things that you could achieve if you didn’t have a choice. The truth is that you’re better and stronger than you think you are, you just have to push yourself a bit more and get out of your comfort zone everyday to see your full potential.
To Your Huge Success