~ 5 Special Tips For Successful Visualisation ~

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This has been a wonderful week for sharing the importance of visualising. Some people say to me I can’t visualise……. well we all can, if I tell you to think of a pink elephant right now, guess what comes to mind. Ok, you get it. It’s HOW we visualise that gets us the results. I’ve really been hearing some fabulous stories from my clients this week which is very exciting and I’m presenting tomorrow on how visualisation increases our happiness. I would love to share with you some great tips here to help you improve your visualising techniques to gain an inner happiness.
~ 5 Special Tips For Successful Visualisation ~
Many accomplished athletes, powerful business personalities and other successful individuals use visualisation to achieve their dreams and so can YOU!
Now, visualisation can take some practice; so don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t already mastered it.
To help you get started, here are 5 secret visualisation tips, that you can implement for an immediate boost to your manifestation success, starting TODAY!
Step #1: Start from a positive place
Creative visualisation is most effective when you start from a positive brainwave state. Do this by taking a relaxing bath, meditating for a few minutes or listening to some calming music. List a few things in your head that you are truly grateful for to help shift your mind into a state of contentment.
Also, make sure that you set aside a time and a place to visualise without any distractions. Turn off your phone and go somewhere you won’t be disturbed.
Step #2: Get inspired
Visualising your dreams should not be a boring task! Do some research online to find photos that inspire, motivate and excite you. Create a vision board (or a Mind Movie!) with photos of your dream house, body, partner, etc. This process will make it much easier for you to see an actual photo in your mind when thinking of your goals, and your visualisations will become much more detailed in the future.
Step #3: Put EMOTION into your visualisations
One of the most important aspects of successful visualization is to put emotion behind each one. When you actually FEEL excited, happy, loved, abundant and free, when thinking of your goals, you instantly raise your energetic vibration and make your visualizations 10x more powerful!
If you find it difficult to add genuine emotion to your intentions, start by closing your eyes and imagine a time in your life where you felt abundant joy.
Create every single detail of that situation in your mind until you feel as though you were reliving it. Now, whilst you’re still in this state of inner happiness, start visualising your new intention. Maintain the happy feelings you were emitting moments ago, and let it surround your new intention. Imagine yourself laughing and smiling and radiating joy while in your new scene.
Step #4: Practice makes perfect
Try to visualise yourself living out your dream life each day, even if it’s only for a few minutes in the morning and at night.
You’ll soon become more comfortable and skilled with the technique, making it much easier and more natural.
Also, when you make your visualizations consistent and repetitive, your subconscious mind will actually start to accept these ideas as your true reality.
And once this happens, you’ll automatically be drawn to more opportunities, people and experiences that reflect your visualisations and your goals!
Step #5: Get an expert’s advice
If you really want to take your creative visualization practice to the next level, you may want to consider working with an expert! That’s exactly what I did to get myself to the place I am now.
So if you’re struggling with this and not sure of the next step to take, I can help you. To accelerate your journey in becoming the new positive you, book a FREE Discovery Session now. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
To your huge success,