~ 6 Tips Helping You To Create A Life You Love ~

Hello Everyone,
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Today I am sharing a fascinating subject with you to either remind you or enlighten you with valuable tips on how you achieve success in your life.
Are you creating a life you want ~ are you doing a good job of creating happiness, love, wealth and abundance…
Or is it not going so well…….? Are you at a loss with the next step to take?
If you’re not totally happy with all that you’re achieving, what is it that’s keeping you from doing and having all the things you love?
1. Let go of the HOW it will happen. 
Let go of the HOW it will happen, you have no idea how you will achieve your goal, you just need to be very clear with your goal and intention
By now you probably know that adding emotion to your visualisations is a fundamental key to materializing your dreams, however it’s important not to expect a specific result.
The thing is, when you focus too heavily on one specific outcome, you might be at risk of receiving your desire, but not even noticing that it has arrived! You may also miss opportunities that come your way if you’re too focused on a specific way of achieving the outcome.
2. Take responsibility for yourself.
This was me for years, not taking responsibility for my own actions and showed itself very clearly whilst I was in such a destructive relationship with my mother. Once I started accepting that I was where I was because of my behaviour and actions my whole world opened up.
When something (good or bad) in your life happens, if you’re not taking most of the credit for it, chances are you’re not assuming your responsibility in its creation.
The truth is that there are many situations that happen in our life that we don’t like and that we blame others for, yet taking responsibility for your actions is one of the first steps to acknowledging your creation power. By doing this, you’re also empowering yourself to create bigger and better things in the future.
3. Create and keep a positive mindset.
A positive mindset built on gratitude is the absolute foundation for any success in life. This is so important and must be nurtured and will grow with you as you progress towards your goals. After practice and dedication you will naturally think positively and ‘see’ the positives things in life. Exactly the the same way I ‘saw’ my mother in a new light, having left behind my destructive negative thoughts about my mother I see her now as a loving energetic woman with a huge amount to give. I didn’t see this before.
Whenever you’re looking to create something, you set an intention – however, if this intention is not clear or if it’s interrupted by doubt, fear, guilt or impatience, then chances are that your creation will not come into fruition.
It is as important to remain positive in the beginning stages of creation as it is until the moment you’ve manifested it. So keep going!
4. Let go of your old self limiting beliefs.
Because the subconscious mind runs our behaviour quite often we aren’t where we want to be because consciously we think one thing but our subconscious mind is holding us back with perhaps a belief (not serving us) born in our childhood. Once we are able to recognise exactly what it is holding us back we can change this. We cannot change what has happened to us, but we can change the way we ‘see’ it. This is very powerful and necessary to move forwards.
When you detach yourself from thinking ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m stupid’, ‘I’m too old’, or any of those negative beliefs that you say to yourself that can block your abundance… and rather, say to yourself ‘Yes I can’, you open the window to opportunities that were probably already there in the first place, but you were simply unable to see. Just the same as I ‘see’ my mother in a totally different light.
5. Commit yourself
Many people wish I had a magic spell that they could use to fix their problems, control others and make things appear out of thin air. Then they could lie on the couch and manifest the cash and get that toned body……….!
However, and for better or for worse, things don’t work that way. There’s hard work that must be done… you must change your mindset, let go of limiting beliefs, be patient, be consistent, be disciplined, face your biggest fears, let go of the need to control things, and just when you thought you’ve done it all, there are action steps to take towards your goals. So it’s really important to do the exercises until they become part of you and naturally move towards your goals.
6. Relax and stay in the now.
Answers come to you when you are quiet and at peace, not when you are racing around like a headless chicken desperately trying to juggle 101 jobs and achieve everything. So today make a plan that every day you will take time out, you will benefit in the long run as you will move faster to your goals as you will ‘see’ the answers come to you. Take a walk, get outside in nature or near water, meditate, try yoga, go jogging, whatever it is calm the mind, let go and see what happens. Everything has come to me in this way.
I hope these help you this week. They have certainly been some of the tools which have changed my life. To help you accelerate your journey into the new positive you, book a Free Discovery Session now to see if coaching is right for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

To the fabulous new you!