~ Some Strange Effects of Stress ~

Hi Everyone,
We all suffer from stress in one way or another from time to time and that’s just part of normal everyday living. It’s how we handle stress that matters. Stress can be good for us to keep us motivated etc but when it gets on top of us and we feel we ‘can’t cope’ that’s when it begins to affect our mental and physical health.
This week I wanted to mention a few things about stress that perhaps you’ve experienced yourself.
~ Some Strange Effects of Stress ~
It can age you faster.
Studies show that stress leads to faster aging, even in people as young as 10 years old!
It can shrink your brain.
You may already know that stress can cause emotional imbalances in your brain, but did you know that it can also shrink your brain? Studies have shown that people with high stress levels show smaller areas of gray matter in their brains, which is the part of the brain responsible for self-control and emotions.
It affects your dental health.
Many people deal with stress by grinding and clenching their teeth and jaw, without realizing that this causes their gums to deteriorate, and can often lead to neck pain!
 It can be responsible for hair loss.
Typically, people that experience a stressful event also experience hair loss for up to 3 to 6 months.
 It can cause eyelid twitching.
Have you ever had a funny eye twitch? If you have, it’s more than likely that stress is responsible for this weird symptom. Although these little spasms are painless, they can be quite annoying.
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