~ 7 Easy Ways To Teach Kids The LOA ~

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever wondered where you would be in life right now if you knew about the Law of Attraction when you were younger?
And can you imagine how the ‘children of today’s’ lives would be different if they started consciously creating their ideal futures now, instead of when they were older?
It’d be AMAZING, right?
If you have kids under your care, and you’d like them to have happy and fulfilling lives, then why not introduce them to the LOA while they’re young?
Kids are much more receptive to learning the LOA effectively as their minds haven’t been contaminated with the emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that adults have picked up throughout their lives.
If you have children around you right now and would like to introduce the LOA into their life, here are 7 easy tips to get you started:
Tip 1 – Teach them the power of affirmations. A good way to introduce children to the LOA is by explaining the power of words to them and how they can affect their mood. Ask them to describe how they feel when they say a positive affirmation like ‘I am always happy’ out loud, and how they feel when they use negative ones like ‘I can’t’. Help them to understand the power of each.
Tip 2 – Encourage giving. Whenever you encourage kids to share their toys or donate them to someone less fortunate, you’re also teaching them how to let go and detach themselves from things. The cycle of giving and receiving will also ignite a flow of abundance in their lives.
Tip 3 – Ask them to name their blessings. We know how important it is to be grateful for what we have and the important role that gratitude plays when we’re looking to attract something into our lives. Teaching kids to appreciate all of the good things they have in their lives is also a good way to open the floodgates to abundance. Every night before they go to bed, ask them to name 10 things that they’re grateful for in their life. They might even surprise you by naming more than 10.
Tip 4 – Encourage them to cultivate inner peace. Introducing them to meditation or yoga is a great way to help them understand their emotions so they can learn to relax and manage any potential stress.
Tip 5 – Grow their imagination. Show them how to focus on their dreams by creating fun vision boards together. This is a great way for them to set goals and it teaches them that by focusing on what they want, they can attract it into their lives.
Tip 6 – Encourage positive thinking with positive words. When you must say no or discipline your kid, rather than using words like: ‘don’t do this’ or ‘don’t be late’ or ‘don’t forget’…use words like: ‘remember to do your homework’, or ‘remember to get here on time’.
Tip 7 – Help them adopt the LOA as a way of life. Leading by example and adopting the LOA as a way of living can be much more effective than trying to explain concepts that may be difficult to understand. Remember to keep it simple by living with an abundance mindset.