~ 7 Essential Things You Should Do Before Breakfast ~

What do you do first thing in the morning, does it set you up for the day? Breakfast is not the onset of a day. It is neither the first daily ritual in a healthy man’s routine book. What is so different about few people that they lead a better and healthy life than most of us mortals? Have you ever pondered when does a day actually begin?
~ 7 Essential Things You Should Do Before Breakfast ~
“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. As we grow up, we tend to forget the moral lectures we were given as primary students. This saying holds the essence to a healthy and successful life. It holds the key that makes some people so differently satisfied and happy than most of us. Find out the 7 early morning things to do before breakfast  that can transform your overall persona and lifestyle.

1.  Wake Up Time:

The most essential aspect of an early morning schedule begins with the onset of a day. The first practice to be followed each day before breakfast is waking up at the same time. Ideal wake up time lies between 5 am to 6 am. Enjoy the company of nature and begin your day with a glimpse of happiness each day.

2.  Brush Your Teeth:

Once you set up your wake up time, it is essential to plan your schedule from waking up till breakfast. The first healthy habit begins with brushing your teeth. It is essential to get fresh as soon as you wake up. Germs take ride in stomach through mouth as well. It can make you sick. Thus, brush your teeth every morning the moment you wake up.
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3. Walk With Nature:

Early morning dew on grass is very healthy, soothing and a lifetime experience to begin with. Walk around your garden in the lawn, bare footed, each morning. The pleasant early morning breeze is the freshest air you can puff your lungs with. The dew in lawn is medically beneficial in controlling blood pressure. Above-all, it gives a feeling of contentment and relaxation when you take a ride with nature early morning.
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4. Exercise:

Once you feel connected to nature, it is time to exercise harder. After a nightlong sleep, muscles remain active and spontaneous. This is the best time to exercise harder, as it poses less threat of injury. Skipping ropes, cardio, weightlifting and jogging are best early morning exercises that will not just keep you in shape, but will also increase your stamina.

5. Meditate:

After a rigorous session of exercising, it is always good to meditate. Meditation offers calmness to both body and brain. It seems to be the finest art of shedding all worries, stress and strain. Meditation is also a practice of self analysis. It makes a man emotionally powerful and he/she gains the power to surpass even herculean challenges in life.
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6. Take Bath/shower:

Few people may argue with this practice, since bathing is a practice followed by almost everyone before breakfast. However, a bath after a rigorous session of connecting with nature, spirituality and self is a unique art of shedding all the traces of lethargy. It recreates freshness and a person becomes completely ready to take up all the challenges throughout the day.
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7. Honey With Water:

A glass of lukewarm water with honey before breakfast is a healthy tip for health conscious people. If you dislike the taste of honey, few glasses of bare lukewarm water should be enough. Consuming water empty stomach will flush out all the toxins from your body. It also keeps you safe of constipation, acidity and gastric issues.
These are the amazing things what most successful do before breakfast! After following the above-listed 7 steps before breakfast, you will feel fresher than ever before. These are good practices to gain physical and mental strength too. People who otherwise find it hard to concentrate on work throughout the day will hugely feel the difference with these 7 practices to be followed before breakfast each day. Have you ever tried reforming your life by waking up early? Could you relate with any of the above-listed 7 practices to be done before breakfast?
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