7 Signs You Are Ready to Take That Next Step

Most of us never take that next step in life to feel really fulfilled and happy. Most of us don’t know how to take that next step, perhaps think it’s not worth the risk or think that they should be happy with ‘their lot’. After all, you are probably better off than most of the population anyway? Is this how you are feeling right now?
This was me for years, so I know what it feels like to feel stuck and frustrated with life but it wasn’t that bad so why bother making any changes? Then, it occurred to me that I was waiting for something to happen, something to go wrong, something not to work out, then I would have to take that next step and it would be ok. But don’t wait….take it now.
Take your relationships; is there someone in your life causing you hurt and pain? Do you dismiss this as you say they aren’t important to you anyway? Do you dismiss them from your mind only to find yourself using their very words in a conversation with someone? Do you pretend to yourself that this person doesn’t matter to you when honestly they are breaking your heart? Burying fear and pain allows it to do the opposite of what we want – it manifests into something much bigger.
I’ve helped many clients face their unhappy situations, realise that the anger and resentment in many areas of their lives came from a painful relationship, heal themselves totally alone, move forwards with their life and develop new loving relationships having resolved the hurt.
I’d like to share with you a few pointers for you to think about today as to why you might be ready to make that change in your life:
• You’re feeling stressed and get annoyed very easily when small things go wrong.
• You feel shame; you start to withdraw from your friends in case they ask too many questions.
• You feel desperate and focus your thoughts and actions on external factors, becoming distant from the ‘real you’.
• You feel very frustrated with the situation you are in.
• People upset you far more easily than normal.
• You start resenting your family, friends and work colleagues and blaming them for how you feel.
• You’re really scared of any change – you could make matters worse, you could fail if you change, you feel overwhelmed by all the negatives in your life.
If you could see some of yourself in any of the above you might just be ready to take action and make a small change in your life. All you have to do is take one small baby step, You will then have made a change and will be further along the path than you were yesterday.
But you don’t have to do this alone, humans are meant to grow together on their journeys, which is why relationships are so important. So find some support in making this change in your life, it could be a friend, a mentor or a coach – someone you trust and someone who cares. Give them a call, an email or a text message.
Take a baby step here today, perhaps it’s a PM, maybe it’s a post, maybe it’s booking a friendly chat. Whatever it is, congratulations you’ve just made a decision to make a change in your life – only the brave can do this .
I’d love to hear from you, give you a helping hand and show you the way.