Accepting What is and Let Go of What was And have Faith in What will be…….

How many of us can truly say this? How many of us strive to be in this place, we work so hard, we search and search striving for this, looking everywhere BUT under our very noses. For we have all the answers inside of us, if only we could see it.
Are you struggling to accept someone in your life for who they are, are you continually going over the past and dreading the future as you give up hope in ever making a change? This is all too common and was certainly me a few years ago…….in fact, I tried so hard to change my world I almost burnt myself out.
I was chatting with a friend last night whilst walking Bella and we discussed why people find life so difficult. One of the main reasons we struggle is because we don’t accept situations that we can’t control or change – this could be disappointments, heartbreaks, loss or anything that we want a different outcome from.
What’s changing in your life right now, is it a relationship struggle, your financial situation, your job or perhaps they are personal changes – are you able to accept these changes that are out of your control? If this is you I invite you to STOP resisting them, stop denying them and work with them…..- you will find the answers & what you need.
The other thing that often comes up for us when we are unwilling to accept something out of our control is the feeling of uncertainty – perhaps this is holding you back from accepting the situation? By taking a step forward to accepting the situation you might feel uneasy because you are not in control and have no idea of the outcome.
TRUST the process – this has become one of my mottos, trust that it WILL work out, embrace the unknown and know you are doing the right thing – it will unfold just as it is supposed to. Life will become so much easier for you embracing the unknown, trusting it will work out, and then you’ll be able to accept the situation.
Take a STEP back and accept life as it is RIGHT NOW! I’d love to hear any struggles you have with acceptance so please comment here.