Are You a Daddy’s Girl?

Did you always long to be the apple of your Daddy’s eye? Did you spend your childhood dreaming of that Daddy who would scoop you up, dry those tears, and smother you with love and ice cream? Did you hope for that Daddy who would just spoil you rotten, as you were his little princess?
Or perhaps you just wanted to be loved?
Did you know that your relationship with your father has such an impact on your life it actually affects your wiring – how you perceive yourself as a woman, how you see others affecting your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being?
Wow that’s an impact, isn’t it? So, if this relationship is so important to our well-being and is affecting us today what can we do to change that? Maybe you are putting your own excuses in the way.
• My father can’t or isn’t capable of changing – this might be true so your approach needs to change.
• There isn’t anything my dad can change in our relationship – BUT you can take action and make the changes.
• You could even be thinking that by making a change the relationship could deteriorate – you can look underneath this as to why you might think this illusion and get some facts as to what you REALLY think.
Having helped many clients over the years improve their relationships with their fathers and themselves I have compiled a snapshot here to give you some inspiration today. Nothing stands still in life – your life will either get worse or better, you choose!
• Let go (you know this the first thing I ALWAYS look at) of any blame you hold towards him and yourself.
• If you’ve suffered in your romantic relationships in the past (or are right now) trying to create what your father didn’t give you take a look at this – and realise you DON’T NEED this from him or anyone.
• Be honest with yourself and the relationship you have with your father – quite often feelings are buried and we are unaware of them
• Work out what it is in life you want – and realise it comes from inside of YOU and not inside of him. STOP looking for the missing piece – you already have it.
• When looking at old wounds – DON’T drag them all up and go over and over them again, just look at the most important wound to you – heal what you can accept what you can’t then leave it. Forgiveness plays a part here – remember forgiveness is for you, not HIM.
• Forget trying to create a dream of the perfect relationship – it will never happen – the place to be in is that you are so empowered you can move forwards in life with a clear heart, regardless of your relationship, loving you and accepting him.
These are purely a few ideas to get you thinking – I’d so love to hear your COMMENTS on this valuable part of your life. Create your new story today – what are you waiting for? COMMENT now.