~ Are you ready to thrive in life and not just survive anymore? ~

This was me and it was also many many of the women I talk to as well………..stuck, lost, frustrated, trapped and scared – completely suffocated by the expectations family, friends, society as a whole placed upon us. BUT all of us were in the same position as we had absolutely no idea what to do next. BUT there was a small part of me that cared enough to actually decide that I would make a change.
Do you resonate with any of this? Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are really ready for change and all that it might bring……..I started to realise that I really had to know who I was and not who everyone else expected me to be, thought I should be or even pretended to be.
I believe that everyone single one of us has a unique purpose here on earth and we need to discover why we were born at all.
The journey I embarked upon was such a revelation so right now ask yourself a few of these questions: ~ they will make you think. All of my clients go through this process and it can be a real eye opener.
Start thinking without limits – write down everything you would do if you had a few million dollars, once you’ve bought the houses, cars, holidays etc. then what, how would you spend your time……
Design your lifestyle ~ without any limitations think about how you would live your life, what gets you excited, who do you want to be with, where do you want to be, what do you want to achieve, what do you LOVE doing the most, you are the one in charge so think about what YOU want, not what your parents/family etc think you should be doing.
What do you stand for ~ here you discover your true values…… this is all without judgement, think about what you would do without fear, if you weren’t scared of doing anything.
What have you achieved already in life ~ write done all of your successes in life, all these proud moments that you can remember, you can then remember all the reasons WHY you were successful and you will find your real strengths.
Think about someone who you really admire (could be someone famous, in a film, a book, a colleague or a friend) ~ write down all the qualities you can see in them and understand that you also have these same qualities.
What do you LOVE about life? Write down everything about the people, places, sports, cooking, playing, anything that excites you ~ underneath this love is your passion for life.
The real essence in all of this is that YOU have all of the answers inside of you. So there’s no need to look anywhere else for them and there’s no need to keep trying.
I would love to hear some of the things that helped you to make a change in your life?
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