Why are you avoiding making that decision?

How can some people meet the right person and get married, apply for a new job and start the following month, know exactly what sort of pizza topping they want within 5 seconds of arriving at a restaurant and be happy with their decisions?
Well, there is a reason for this and it’s all in the way you think…..if you see the world in black and white it is much easier to focus on what you want – you can easily focus on the positive in your life because it seems so clear. Most of us however think in the ‘grey’ areas so we find it hard to choose.
Since my own personal transformation in my life and so many I have witnessed in my clients lives too I have realised it boils down to a few things which I certainly wasn’t in touch with a few years ago –

  • Trusting my intuition
  • Making every decision when I feel calm
  • Knowing my core values
  • Understanding my passions
  • Knowing who I am and what I want
  • Recognising my limitations
  • Living a life without regret

Those are a few things that have become part of me and help me in making every decision in my life whether it’s down to choosing what colour socks to buy to where we will next be living.
Take a look here at some of the things you can look at right now in your life –

  • Only make decisions when you feel at peace – be in a neutral state of mind
  • Listen to your intuition (that quiet voice inside of you) as it’s always right and not the chaos from others around you
  • Are you considering what is important to you in life?
  • Understand your values – if the decision isn’t aligned with your core values it won’t be right for you
  • Make a decision that is right today – not in the hope it will get better
  • Be truthful to yourself – don’t hide from anything
  • Learn that it’s ok to say ‘NO’ sometimes and that can be the best decision
  • Listen to what is right for you…not everyone else

Remember not making a decision is actually a decision – a decision to do nothing…
Once you make a decision OWN it…. don’t say ‘I have to do this or that’……say ‘I choose to!’
I’d love to hear your ideas on making decisions and please COMMENT on your particular struggles, I’d love to hear from you.