~ Be Strong Enough to Let go and be Patient Enough to Wait for What You Deserve ~

To anyone who has been through or going through the ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ you will know what it’s like when the children flee the nest………….my dog, Molly became my 4th child after all 3 children flew back to the UK to study and work.
It’s been almost a year now since I let my little Schnauzer friend, Molly, go back to England to live at University with my daughter Sophie. This was incredibly hard to do at the time as she left a big void in my life but now a year on I can really see it has been one of the best decisions of my life. It is amazing to see how happy Molly is running across fields and woods, chasing squirrels and has become definitely one of the most popular students at Nottingham!  Sophie has never been happier and just about every area of Sophie’s life has improved ~ she is so much more content with life now she’s back with Molly, very focused on her work producing her best ever exam results and she is also really fit again from all the chasing around with Molly. I do have moments when I still really miss Molly but I am able to quickly remind myself of the amazing life the pair of them lead ~ leaving me with a big smile.  I feel an inner glow of satisfaction knowing I have done the right thing as hard as it was at the time. I am so grateful I was able to ‘let go’ of the need to keep Molly.
You never know what is around the corner………………..my eldest daughter, Charlotte, has moved back to Dubai with us and we are expecting this little girl, Bella another Schnauzer friend, to arrive mid October. We are all very excited to welcome another dog into our family and although Molly will always have a place in my heart she is in the right place for her. One day Bella will come back with us to the UK and meet Molly! So by letting go we’ve actually welcomed ‘more’ into the family!
So for you today, if you feel you are holding onto something that deep down you know you should ‘let go’ of, do it! I have shared with you a practical example of ‘letting go’ but it could be resentment, anger, guilt or jealousy, once we ‘let go’ of this negativity we leave room for the positive flow of thoughts. It might well be hard at the time but you will smile again and it could be that ‘letting go’ was the BEST thing you ever did!
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