~ Be Strong. You Never Know Who You Are Inspiring ~

Ok, so here you are, arriving at a turning point in your life, in your 40’s or 50’s where sometimes there doesn’t seem a lot to smile about. Fed up with your job, not had the chance of a career, relationships have become boring, your children have flown the nest embarking on their own lives, your body is definitely not what it used to be, your weight is out of control………?
~ Be Strong. You Never Know Who You Are Inspiring ~
It’s one of the most difficult things do: admitting that we need help. To confess that we can’t get through something by ourselves. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, an eating disorder, low self-esteem, or any type of mental or emotional issue that you are going, you need to realise that getting help is not a sign of weakness at all.
If anything, seeking help is a sign of strength that shows that you are a fighter. It shows that you want to make a change, even if it is just a small part of you.
It took some time before I got to a place where I was no longer ashamed of having to get help for the way I felt about myself. At first I felt like I had done something wrong and that because I was getting help, I was a failure. At the time, I was feeling such hatred towards myself that I was unable to see how strong I was for asking for help.
Looking back, I am so incredibly proud of myself for accepting help.
Coaching changed my life in the most positive way possible. I learned so much about myself and life in general. I realise now that I couldn’t have conquered my issues alone and getting help was the best thing I did for myself.
After I conquered my fears, I never realised how much of an impact I could have on others until I came out about my struggles. I got replies ranging from how I was such an inspiration to thank you’s for how I was helping people get help for their issues. I remember thinking to myself: “wow, just by getting help and pushing through, I have made a difference in the lives of others.” For me, inspiring even just a single person means the absolute world.
It was a truly incredible feeling to know that people took something positive away from my struggles. And that’s what I want and hope for. I want people to know that getting help is a good thing and positive things can certainly come out of obstacles.
Getting help will only not only make you a stronger person, but it will open up your eyes to a new outlook on life. Just remember to stay strong and to keep going, because no matter where you are in your journey, I guarantee you that you are inspiring someone.
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