‘As I began to love myself my relationship with everyone changed’

Over time I have been forwarded this beautiful quote by so many people, saying this is the essence of my work – I wanted to share it with this Monday morning as you wake up to a brand new week.
Change really is all about you and no one else and it couldn’t be more poignant than when you are feeling pain & hurt in a relationship – right now you could be ‘hoping’……. your partner/husband will behave differently, your child will respond how YOU want them to, your mother will start suddenly praising & accepting you, your friend will start to notice your needs…….. all of these can be constant underlying thoughts in your subconscious mind that most of the time you are totally unaware of, wanting others to change.

But here lies the answer to all of your hurt – by changing you – when you change your thoughts, you change how you see the world, which in turn changes how you show up in the world, you change your actions which change how people respond to you and it all starts with loving YOU!
This was me for years subconsciously trying to change others and not putting my own needs first – as I refocused on my world my whole life has changed and still is day by day it gets better and better. How could I possibly love and expect love from others when I didn’t love or know how to love myself?
This Monday morning what are you going to do differently to start YOUR CHANGE?! Please COMMENT – we’re here to help & support you!