I Believe In The Person I Want To Become

You really feel empowered when you believe in yourself and you just have a knowing that when challenges lie in your way you will be able to deal with them head on.
What a wonderful place to be in hey? Is this how you’re feeling right now? Do you feel that you really do love yourself? If not, don’t worry you certainly aren’t alone. For years I really didn’t believe I could be the person I am now, enjoying loving relationships with such joy and happiness those days of darkness seem a distant nightmare now.
If you know you don’t like the person you are now very much but unsure of the person you’d like to be, ask yourself a couple of questions:
• What sort of habits should I stop doing?
• What sort of habits should I start doing?
• What sort of habits should I be doing more of?……..hopefully this will lead you onto what sort of person you’d like to be.
To really believe in that person that I wanted to be I had to start loving myself. I would love to share a few tips that helped me on my journey:
I would love to share a few tips that helped me on my journey:
• Forgive yourself and move on
• Forgive others and don’t hold resentment
• Focus on the positive
• Keep looking ahead, accepting what’s happened
• Stop judging yourself – look for the good in others
• Listen to that internal chatter – treat yourself like you would others
• You have nothing to prove to anyone else – be yourself
• Follow your heart – keep your eye on your goal
• Add value to other’s lives
• Give more than you take
• Show up every day – do the work
• Take risks – push out of that comfort zone
Knowing yourself, trusting yourself and loving yourself –having that faith that things will work out but you don’t know how or when – just that they will work out just the way they are meant to be.
Do you know who you’d like to be? Are you struggling with this? I’d love to hear from you.