~ Can Gratitude Change Your Life? ~

Being grateful has been a huge part of my personal growth and is now just become part of me, which it really wasn’t a few years ago. Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows how passionate I am about gratitude being the foundation of all true inner happiness. As with any new habit, mind-set change or attitude it all takes time, practice and repetition until it really is YOU.
Only last week I had all my plans organised to return to Dubai last Monday but the flights were overbooked which really did throw everything askew. I would normally have been really annoyed about this but these days I naturally look on the ‘bright side’ and it meant I could spend an extra day with Mum and Dad and also drive them over to see my very ill sister.
So the whole flight business was a huge blessing really and although it took me ages to reorganise my life it was worth it. Now, that all went very smoothly and all because I wasn’t operating from a low vibration, in a bad mood, stressed or complaining etc.
Being thankful simply means noticing the simple pleasures in life and being aware all the time of how much you actually have. This shifts your mind-set from thinking about what your life lacks to a mind-set of abundance. So guess what, when we are focusing on abundance that’s what you get more of. You will feel happier, less stressed and your relationships and health will improve and all by doing this ONE thing on a regular basis.
I have an exercise for you today if you’re struggling with this and taking things for granted……….just sit there and imagine that one by one all your precious things are being taken away from you, your family, your home, your clothes, your pets, your car….. how do you feel? Now, one by one add them back into your life. And FEEL the gratitude that you have these things.
So, look for the love and joy in the small things in life and don’t wait for the big events!
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