You can’t reach what’s in front of you until you let go of what’s behind you

Are you trying to work out what to do next in that relationship? Are you working out your next move in the hope that things will change? Have you been trying so hard to make your relationships become full of love & joy only to find you’ve failed again? Do you just simply want to be happy?
Do you think the new house, the holiday, the clothes, the new job, the money in the bank or the new man in your life will give you that happiness you crave? It is wonderful to choose these as goals but don’t allow your happiness to depend on them; you have something more powerful than this inside of you.
You have the power to determine your own happiness by letting go of things that don’t serve you; the people and things in your life that are causing you unhappiness. We sometimes hold onto these out of habit and because we don’t know what else to do.
I know how you feel….that was me years ago desperately trying so hard, expecting things to be different, needing that acceptance and love, all without success leaving me feeling hopeless, sad and completely worthless. Once I started to ‘let go’ of the need for all these things my life started to change.
Here are some of the things you can start to let go of today:
• Needing to be in control – we cannot control people, our surroundings or our destiny so let go of trying to make others do things the way we want. Start taking control of your own mind.
• Judging others – because you are unaware of the full scenario when you make a judgment of others it can often wrongly cloud your own judgment. Letting go of this will allow your mind to be open to making clear decisions that are right for you.
• Mistakes in the past – are these thoughts becoming a negative pattern for you? Let them go as you learn from them, telling yourself you are ‘not the person who made mistakes BUT ‘you are the person who won’t make them again’.
• Need to be perfect – nothing is perfect and never will be. Once you accept this you are able to find happiness in the most ‘imperfect’ of situations. I was brought up to believe 95% was hopeless in a maths test, personally, I think it’s a great result but my paradigm in me told me otherwise so I would always strive for the perfection I could never gain – in relationships, money, and health. I changed the paradigm, which allowed me to accept that ‘less than perfect’ was great.
• Negative people – sometimes we become attached to people we ‘hate’ and cause us stress. Be aware of where you are placing your energy, the more you put into people who don’t serve you well, the more drained and unhappy you will fell. Consciously make an effort to spend less time with these people even if you are living with them.
• Your comfort zone – if you don’t let go of this you will never grow, you will not experience a full life; make yourself feel uncomfortable every day and your world will expand! Allow your comfort zone to be there for you like a pair of slippers – great to come home to BUT don’t let it become your prison.
Fear of being HAPPY is actually a major issue when it comes to moving forwards – seem weird to you? Well, many of us feel guilty if we feel happiness, or perhaps we don’t deserve it, or bad if we are happy and someone else is suffering. Dare to be happy, don’t let that fear of being out of control get in your way – you are ALLOWED happiness in your life, you are worth it.
Letting go can be a huge challenge – it can also be the most amazing thing you will ever do in your life. It was for me and it can be for you! I’d love to hear what you are going to let go of today – please share, we’re here to help.