~ Change The Way You Look At Things and the Things you look at will Change ~

This so resonates with me looking back over the transformation and healing that’s happened between my mother and I. Having spent years of only seeing and feeling anger, resentment, being annoyed, consumed with guilt, bitterness, disappointment, you name it I felt such negativity towards my mother. But that’s all changed and all I see now is an amazing woman, full of love, tenacity, energy, compassion, respect and appreciation. My whole life has completely changed as these negative feelings have gone forever from every area of my life and been replaced with such love and grace.
This is what drives me to help others suffering like I once did.
We all see things through our own filters.
We often see what we expect to see. If you are looking for red cars, you don’t really notice the other cars. You might even be surprised at how many the other cars are, and how few the red ones are.
But if you look for cars in general, you suddenly notice how many non-red cars there are, because now you notice them far more often.
Consider if you are looking for your flaws. How many will you find? How many more will you invent? If instead you look for your strengths, how many flaws will you find? And how would your life change in the process?
As I went through a process of forgiveness and acceptance towards my mother I ‘saw’ a different person. That person was always there, like the cars, I just didn’t see the good qualities.
Everyone has different perspectives and different ways of looking at a situation. Is there a certain situation you would like to see differently?
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