~ Change Your Words To Change Your World ~

~ Your words are the bridge between your internal world and your external world ~

‘Your words become your world’

By aligning your words with your thoughts you will get much more powerful results back, if you don’t the messages become confused. If you are saying one thing and thinking something different your energy levels become mismatched and you will end up feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

So we can really think about the language we use in everyday life. Instead of using the word ‘problem’ we could use the words ‘ learning experience’ or ‘challenge’ so things will turn up as opportunities for us and not problems. The more positive our language is and our thoughts are together the more we will see that there is a solution to every problem. Also try and express gratitude, compliments and words of encouragement to others and not criticise people.

Remember to say ‘WHEN’ I meet my goal and not ‘IF’.

As a result of doing this you will notice that life becomes easier, effortless, abundant and more fulfilling.